Waste King L-3300 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal Review in 2022

Are you worried about the huge chunks of garbage you produce daily in the kitchen? Maybe you need a new garbage disposal. Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal comes with a powerful 3/4 HP motor that is suitable for daily use in medium households. This is great garbage disposal for average households. It is considered mid-range because of its power, capacity, warranty, and price. As far as value for money is concerned, this is a perfect choice for the kitchen.


An Overview of Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal

The Waste King L-3300 is simply one of the best budget garbage disposals. A lot of homeowners are excited because of its performance, yet it is available at a fair price. If you want disposal, but you do not want to be bothered by frills, the L-3300 is the best option.

Although this garbage disposal may lack extra power, most users are happy with its capabilities. As far as garbage disposals are concerned, people use noise reduction and performance as excellent indicators as to how capable the unit can be.

With ¾ HP motor, this disposal may not be that powerful as compared to others on the market, but it delivers a maximum speed of 2700 rpm. In fact, you can get many 3/4 HP garbage disposals from other companies, but you will find this unit to be better at its class.

Do not be concerned that you will get an inferior product if you do not pay top dollar for the disposal. In fact, if you do not want to pay more for the advanced options, you can go for quality, standard disposal, and upgrade your kitchen without draining your pocket.

You should note that Waste King has developed quality garbage disposals for both residential and commercial use. In fact, their unbeatable warranty and durable stainless steel components make this a great brand.



Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal Specs

  • A 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal With Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Feed Type: Continuous Feed
  • Horsepower: 3/4 HP 2700RPM
  • Motor System: Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mount System: EZ Mount
  • Splash Guard: Removable
  • Installation: Pre-installed Power Cord
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Dimension: 8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Warranty: 10 Years




Main Features of Waste King L 3300 Garbage Disposal

waste king l 3300 garbage disposal

  • Energy-Efficient

Waste King L-3300 is highly rated because of the 3/4 HP motor. Ideally, it has a permanent magnet motor found with most kitchen appliances. Even then, this unit is energy-efficient and can reach up to 2700 RPM.

It has a unique vortex design that produces adequate power that can liquefy food wastes. Actually, you can think of it as a blender. This unit can handle any given amount of household waste, from fruit grinds, vegetable peels, and small bones. This disposal is recommended for a home up to six persons.

You should note that Waste King L-3300 Provides more power per pound as compared to other disposers of the same size. Therefore, it grinds food quickly than most of its rivals. In this way, it saves you both water and money.

Also, this unit uses less energy when it comes to grinding food waste. For instance, it uses up to 60% less energy, according to the manufacturer. The motor needs 115V, 60 Hz, and 6.0 Amp to operate.


  • No Mess or Jams

Another thing you will like about this unit is that it is jam-free. For instance, the motor produces adequate power, and it has swiveling impellers made of stainless steel to avoid jamming. The lugs or impellers are designed to speed at high speed and can easily swivel 180 degrees. Also, the impellers push food against the grind ring that pulverizes the waste.

In addition, the powerful motor plus swiveling grind motion makes this garbage disposal a great unit. According to Waste King, you do not have to use jam wrench.

This disposal features a removable splash guard. This helps stop food waste scraps from spewing out of feed hole whenever the unit is running. In this way, it helps keep the kitchen clean and neat. If you want to look inside the disposal unit, the splash guard is detachable. Moreover, this makes it easier to clean.


  • Easy to Clean and Use

You should note that Waste King L-3300 provides continuous feed operation. Therefore, you do not have to wait for food to grind before feeding it with more. As the unit keeps running, you can easily adjust the waste. When you put food wastes quickly, you help keep your kitchen clean and nice.

However, that does not mean you stuff a lot of food waste quickly. Otherwise, the grinders can get jammed. Also, this unit is easy to connect to the dishwasher.

Another thing you will like about this unit is the reset button, which you can mount on the front. For instance, if the unit overheats, you only need to press the button to have it working again.


  • Septic Friendly

Unlike most garbage disposer units, the Waste King L-3300 works well with septic systems. That is because it grinds up food wastes into small pieces for a septic tank to handle. You only need to check that the septic tank is of the right size and can cope with the disposal.

As you know, going green is quite important for customers. Therefore, there is a need to get a garbage disposal unit that is environmentally friendly. Fortunately, the Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal helps reduce the amount of food waste that goes to landfills.

Moreover, this garbage disposer can help reduce the number of harmful gasses. That is because wastewater treatment plants can recycle waste into energy.


  • Easy to Install

You will find this unit easy to install. That is because it comes with the EZ mount system. Therefore, you can easily replace your existing disposal unit with this unit easily and quickly. Since this disposal is a lightweight and small size, it is a breeze to fit. It will easily fit under the sink, and you do not have to pay a plumber to fix it.


Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King L-3300 Overall Score: 8.0

waste king l 3300 review

Check the Price

Brilliant features

  • Great for medium households
  • Quiet operation without annoying vibrate noise
  • Comes with a removable Splash Guard
  • Easy to install with pre-installed cord
  • Cost-effective price

Watch out for

  • Smaller mouth



Considering the positive reviews, the truth is that Waste King 3300 is a popular garbage disposal unit on the market. Moreover, Waste King is a recognized brand by both homeowners and plumbers. Ideally, you will find this unit to be a powerful option if you need a quiet, powerful unit that costs less and will serve you more.