put down garbage disposal with a septic tank

There is no denying that garbage disposal can be a daunting task. It could only get worse if you do not have the right disposal mechanisms. Can you have a garbage disposal with a septic tank? Yes! Unless you have a reliable garbage disposal tin, you will barely have theContinue Reading

garbage disposal pipe leaking

Garbage disposal leaking can be a whole disappointment to anyone owning a home. Garbage disposals are normally connected to the main kitchen sink with a plumber’s putty or flange. With continuous use of the seal, there are high chances of corrosion and loosening, making it weak. If the garbage disposalContinue Reading

In today’s world, the garbage disposal is the most useful gadget in today’s modern kitchen. Not only has it taken cleaning to a whole new level, but it also made our kitchen chores more comfortable to perform. Despite its numerous advantages, the garbage disposal can easily wreak havoc in aContinue Reading

installing garbage disposal in home

Garbage disposal is a must-have home appliance if you want your modern kitchen to stay clean and tidy. How would you feel if you installed garbage disposal yourself, without incurring further costs of hiring a plumber after purchasing the unit? This article will give you a step-by-step process of teachingContinue Reading

Sinks play the vital role of channeling out the wastewater to the municipal drains. They, however, can only bear a given volume of debris and waste at any given time. Anymore beyond a given threshold, and the entire plumbing structure may collapse under its own weight. Garbage disposal comes inContinue Reading

Waste King is a brand with a well-built reputation. This brand is known for design some of the high-quality garbage disposal available in today’s market. In addition to that, Waste King has been producing high-quality products for a number of years, and as a result, their brand name is trustedContinue Reading

how to clean a garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is made in a way that is self-cleaning, but once in a while, it will need your attention to help clean it efficiently. Some of the foods washed down the sink get stuck on this disposal after sometimes the food start to rotten hence the appliance starts producingContinue Reading

waste king l 111 review

Great disposal can add value to your kitchen and makes the cleaning process a breeze. It does not matter whether you are a chef extraordinaire or like making occasional meals at home; you are bound to benefit by using a garbage disposal. That is because it will make the processContinue Reading

best garbage disposal under 100

Garbages are very common in our homes and can be very disgusting when decomposed. The most common type of garbage found in homes is food particles, normally found in the kitchen. These food particles can result in a disgusting and awful odor when piled up in one place. So, howContinue Reading