Moen Vs. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal – Find out the Difference

Proper waste management is paramount for every household. You and your loved ones must enjoy immunity from disease-causing microorganisms. This is an essential reason for having a disposal system installed in your residence.

However, you must be knowledgeable in the different brands that offer waste disposal products, to know which is the best and which is tailor-suited to your specific needs.

There are myriads of brands present in the market today. Some that stand out are Moen and InSinkErator. Let’s see the information about Moen Vs. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal.


Moen Garbage Disposal

moen vs insinkerator garbage disposal

Moen has been around for some time now. The founder, Al Moen, started the eponymous company way back in 1937, and since then it has occupied the very zenith in the products it provides. The brand has gained notoriety for the carefully crafted products it designs, and the efficiency of the said products.

The company uses a lock and twist mechanism for the mount systems in its products. Consequently, for you to replace a fault disposer with a Moen one, you have to position the nascent product and twist it for it to properly lock-in.

Moen also uses a permanent magnet for the motors in its garbage disposers. This type of motor is way more effective when compared to the induction motors installed in other brands. Due to the high speed, this type of motor moves in, and jamming is kept at bay.


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Insinkerator Garbage Disposal

insinkerator vs moen garbage disposal

InSinkErator also boasts a rich history, and the founder, John Hammes, created the brand in 1927. As a result, the company has over the years perfected its craft and is now one of the premier brands in the industry.

The company is famous for its products’ affordability and efficacy, and the modern technologies it regularly implements in its designs. As a result of the company’s dynamic approach, it is the only garbage disposal brand that uses multi-stage technology for the grinding process.

The products from InSinkErator have a sound seal mechanism installed in the meaning that the noise produced during the grinding process is kept at a minimum.

The company, as mentioned earlier, also has a multi-grid system put in most of its products, meaning that you have efficient grinding of even the toughest of materials.


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Moen Vs InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

Most of the differences between the two brands are nuanced, and the overall effect is that they are similar in some aspects. It is also essential to remember that this is a comparison between the two brands and not the products they offer.

Some attributes may vary from one model and another from the same brand, making it almost impossible to pit all models from one brand against the models from another brand.

1. Motor – As stated earlier, the Moen uses a Permanent magnet in its motor, while the InSinkErator uses indicator motors. Moen has a faster motor, which runs at speeds of up to 2700 RPM. However, the brand has some models that ran the 2000RPM mark. InSinkErator’s motors, on the other hand, run at speeds of up to 1725 RPM, and are therefore slower.

2. Noise – Of the two, InSinkErator is probably the one that produces the least noise. Moen does have some models that are quieter than others, but InSinkErator is less noisy than its companion.

3. Grinding systems – InSinkErator scores a huge one over Moen when it comes to grinding systems because its top-end models have multiple-grinding stages. The company has given this innovation the moniker ‘MultiGrind technology’.

The said innovation helps grind all materials into finer sizes, making it easy to dispose of them. The upside of this is that even fibrous foods, like celery, can be gotten rid of using the disposal system. Previously, it was recommended not to use the garbage disposal for fibrous materials.

4. Size – The appropriate size for a disposal system is relative and depends on your residence. Many individuals search for the smaller models because the space under the sink won’t suffice larger models. InSinkErator offers a plethora of compact models, while Moen doesn’t provide such a wide array.

5. Quality – The quality of a product can simply be identified by the number of years the said product can deliver quality service without any hitches. Consequently, quality can only be identified through customer experience and testimonials.

With that said, it is crucial to consider the materials used to make these disposal systems. Moen uses galvanized components in its economic models and stainless-steel components in its top models. A recurrent theme across all these models is that plastic is used to design the grinding chamber.

InSinkErator, on the other hand, also uses materials akin to Moen in both its low-end and high –end modes. However, instead of designing the grinding chambers in plastic, the company uses galvanized steel for the low-end models and stainless steel for the high-end models.

6. Design – As the maxim goes, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The beauty of the different designs is subjective, and so you have to peruse through the various models from the different brands to identify your preference.

7. Price and warranty – Both the price and the warranty are some of the nuanced attributes we talked about earlier. The warranty offered by both companies is very alike, and the price for the different brands differs only a little bit.


So, which is better?

Looking at both brands, it becomes difficult to pick between any of the two, mainly because they have similar levels of performance. That being said, the number of sales that InSinkErator has been posting year-in-year-out is a clear indication that consumers all over the world have developed a preference for this particular one.

Looking at the attributes that the InSinkErator has, from the multi-grinding system to the quality of materials they used in designing its models, it isn’t a surprise that its garbage disposals have amassed such a large following over the years.



The brand that you will eventually decide on for your garbage disposal will mainly depend on your needs, your residence, and your preferences. Nonetheless, it is always important to remain knowledgeable about the makings of these models so that you can make informed choices at the end.