InSinkErator 79024-ISE Garbage Disposal Review

Having a garbage disposal has become necessary to make the kitchen work easy. InSinkErator 79024-ISE Garbage Disposal might be a preferred choice for most of the people. This article is an in-depth InSinkErator 79024-ISE garbage disposal Review.

Garbage disposals are a way to care for your environment. When the waste is disposed of properly, it becomes easy to manage and recycle it.

There are many garbage disposals available on the market that will get the work done for you. If heavy-duty disposal is what you require, read on in this article to know more about the product we believe might just be right for you.

InSinkErator 79024-ISE Garbage Disposal

The InSinkErator garbage disposals offer different features for the different price ranges. The 79024-ISE is one of the heavy-duty disposals that is powered by a 1 HP motor. Such motor power is sufficient for grinding tough food leftovers.

If you are looking for disposal that takes up the leftovers of the heavy meals you cook, this disposal might interest you. It can take up from chicken bones to fruit pits and even apple cores. While it does the job of grinding, it does not produce much noise as the other disposals of the same motor power.

It is also priced reasonably enough. The performance proves to be value for money and the amount you spend on it does not go in vain.

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  • What You Benefit from It

  • Reliable Performance to Grind Up the Tough Food Scraps

This garbage disposal has a 1 HP motor that powers the grinding blades or impellers to move at a speed of 1725 RPM. Such rotating speed of impellers takes time with each food scrap and processes it until it is reduced to bits.

Hence, whatever you throw into the disposal including chicken bones, seeds, fruit peels, and even small fruit pits, will be processed thoroughly and reduced to bits to avoid the jamming of the device.

  • Stainless Steel Components to Ensure the Device Lasts Long

stainless steel components

Garbage disposals are exposed to water daily. If the built of the grinding components is not good enough the device can rust away easily.

Thus, to make sure this disposal lasts long, the grinding components are made of stainless steel. This saves you from the worries of spending on maintenance or repairment of the grinding components.

It also does not wear out the grinding components in the long run and help prove to be budget-friendly.

  • Substantial Grinding Capacity and Continuous Feed Technology

The grinding chamber has a capacity of 26 oz which allows it to take up quite a lot of leftovers and process them. Additionally, with the continuous feed technology whatever you introduce to the disposal is ground immediately. S

o, when you pair up a large size grinding capacity with the quick grinding ability you get efficient disposal.

With such efficiency, the jamming does not occur, and the grinding process is done quickly and properly.

  • Energy Efficient Use to Save You from Spending Too Much on Electricity Bill

It is understood that with a 1 HP motor, the energy consumption is rated higher than the ones with less HP. Nevertheless, for the same range of garbage disposals, this one is comparatively energy-efficient.

It consumes 10.2 amps per hour, making the electricity consumed per year to be around 3-4 KWh which is good enough for powerful disposal. It saves you from spending too much on the electricity bill with its energy-efficient performance.

  • What Others Say About InSinkErator 79024-ISE Garbage Disposal

“It grinds up the chicken bones and chicken carcass with no problem. It works quietly as well. I love it!”

“I am extremely happy with this product for the price paid. It is really quiet for the given power, swallows whatever I throw into it.”

“In my opinion this is as good a garbage disposal gets.”

“This garbage disposal is a beast. Yet it is so quiet. I highly recommend this product.”

“I was surprised by how quiet it is. After looking at the size, I expected to be louder but no this is quiet, no vibrations, nothing.”

“This is the only disposal worth buying if I am honest. Grinds up everything efficiently. Will buy this again definitely.”

  • You May Care For

  • Quick Lock Installation

This garbage disposal like the others manufactured by the same company is easy to install. It has an easy twist and turns installation. If you are replacing it with previous disposal of the same company then the installation is a total breeze and can be done within minutes.

  • Powerful Motor That Grinds Up Everything

insinkerator garbage disposal

This is heavy-duty disposal. it is made to take up the tough food scraps that you have to throw into it. It finely grinds everything including chicken bones, fruit and vegetable peels, fruit pits and even softened meat.

  • Budget-Friendly

For the performance this device offers, the price tag is very much reasonable. You spend on this garbage disposal just once, no maintenance or repairment costs, nothing. Hence, as compared to its competitors it is relatively easy to afford.

  • You May Prefer

  • Quiet Functioning

For a 1 HP disposal, the noise produced by the disposal can be disturbing. Not for this disposal though. It is lined with standard sound insulation to make the time spent in the kitchen peaceful. While it is not moused quiet, it is still quiet enough for such a powerful motor.

  • 7-Year Warranty

The 7-year in-house warranty backs the company’s argument of this disposal lasting long. With the warranty, you can be satisfied in case any problem arises with the disposal.

  • Compact Dimensions for Small Spaces

The garbage disposal has a compact height and width that makes it suitable for small spaces. Tight under-sink spaces such as under a farmhouse sink where there cannot be a compromise on the disposal power; this device proves to be a good fit. With a height of just 12.6 inches, it can fit small spaces. It is also better in size as compared to other disposals of the same power.

  • Jam Preventing Torque

The jam-preventing torque rotates the blades of the disposal with such force that no jam occurs and the device functions efficiently.

  • What You May Dislike

  • Power Cord Not Included

The power cord is not included in the package and needs to be purchased separately.

  • Heavy Weight

The device is quite heavy in weight which is why you might require some extra help while installing this disposal.

  • How Does It Compare in Value?

The InSinkErator 79024-ISE is valued at a mid-range price. While it still might be considered “spending too much” for some people, it is relatively cheap given the power and heavy-duty performance it offers.

When compared to the competitors on the market, you will find disposals with price rate lower and higher than this one.

The ones that come at a price cheaper than this one will have a warranty of just a few years, meaning they tend not to last long. Additionally, the more advance features, the higher the price tag.

In short, this disposal is fairly cheap given all the features and specifications with a 7-year in-house warranty.


InSinkErator 79024 ISE Vs Waste King Legend Series L-8000

InSinkErator 79024 ISE garbage disposal is also a great choice made by many customers. Read more for similarities and differences between InSinkErator 79024 ISE and Waste King L-8000 garbage disposal. And make a wise choice finally.

Waste King L-8000

best garbage disposal

This garbage disposal is another one of those heavy-duty disposals. With 1 HP motor and high RPM it fulfils the requirement of getting a fast, efficient, and reliable disposal. Some top features of this garbage disposal are:

  • 1 HP motor that powers the impellers to rotate at 2800 RPM.
  • EZ mount installation system.
  • Stainless steel grinding components.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Similarities Between 79024-ISE And Waste King L-8000

  • Strong Motor Power

Both of these garbage disposals with strong motor power are rated as heavy-duty disposals. They get the job done by grinding everything including fruit and vegetable peels, fruit pits and even small chicken bones.

  • Easy Installation

The EZ mount system and quick-lock installation make the installation and replacement process for these garbage disposals much easier.

  • Continuous Feed Technology

Both of them operate on continuous feed technology. Making them quick and efficient at grinding everything.

  • Sound Insulation

With a 1 HP strong motor, sound insulation technology becomes necessary to avoid being disturbed while working in the kitchen. Hence, these garbage disposals have insulation installed to make them function quietly.

  • Differences Between 79024-ISE Vs Waste King L-8000

  • The RPM of Grinding Blades

The RPM of grinding blades or impellers is rated higher for the waste king. The permanent magnetic motor in waste king rotates the impellers at 2800 RPM whereas for InSinkErator the speed is 1725 RPM. While waste king grinds more quickly, the 79024-ISE grinds more thoroughly.

  • Difference in Weight

The waste king is comparatively lighter than the InSinkErator weighing 11.6 lbs whereas 79024-ISE weighs 17 lbs.

  • For Tight Sink Spaces

The InSinkErator is smaller in height comparatively. It makes it easy to for it to fit into small spaces with 12.6 inches whereas the waste king has a height of 16 inches, making it still suitable enough for confined spaces.

  • Warranty

The InSinkErator has a 7-year in-house warranty whereas the waste king has a lifetime warranty with limited in-house service.

(The in-house services cover the service and replacement charges of the device due to normal tear and wear).


Why Choose InSinkErator 79024-ISE Over Waste King L-8000?

Few reasons you would prefer the InSinkErator over waste king are:

  • Sturdy design and compact dimensions to fit the device into confined spaces.
  • Jam preventing torque to make sure the device does not jam.
  • Induction motor made to last long.

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Why Choose Waste King L-8000 Over InSinkErator 79024-ISE?

Reasons you would choose waste king over 79024-ISE

  • Efficient and quick grinding with a higher RPM of 2800.
  • Installed power cord saves time in installation.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Available at a price less than the InSinkErator 79024-ISE.

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There are reasons you would prefer one disposal over the other. Features such as the space occupied, height, ease in installation, the noise produced, electricity consumed, and other factors play an important role while deciding.

While the waste king might be faster and cheaper as compared to the InSinkErator, it is important to know the vital difference. The induction motor used in InSinkErator is known to be more durable than the permanent magnet motor used in the waste king. Nevertheless, with a permanent magnetic motor, higher RPM, and stainless-steel components, the device is faster and lasts reasonably long enough.

We can list down many such reasons, but what it comes down to in the end is how much you are willing to spend and what you expect from the disposer.



If you are considering buying heavy-duty disposal, there is no way you are going to skip the InSinkErator 79024-ISE from the list. It has strong and sturdy built, good efficient motor, and quiet functioning. It has all the features that you would need from heavy-duty disposal.

With what you spend on this disposal, you get quite much in return. And that is 10-15 years of no more worrying about your disposal not performing. While the warranty covers 7-years, you can expect the disposal to last up to 15 years easily if you do not abuse it with harmful food scraps.

When compared to other disposals of the same power for the same price range, you still might choose this one. The reason has nothing to do with the other product not being good enough but your requirements. For example, if you need disposal that is comparatively cheap you can look up the waste king L-8000 from the legend series.