How to Use a Garbage Disposal?

Running a household without garbage disposal facilities would be a nightmare. You would find it very difficult to get rid of the waste you generate. Like any other functional piece of equipment in your house, you need to take care of it well. It is, therefore, critical that you learn how to use a garbage disposal if you want long-term usage out of it.

The truth is, sometimes, the garbage disposal unit does not receive enough attention. Within a short time, it starts to fail. Yet, with some simple maintenance processes, you will keep it in good running order for a very long time.

In our article below, we will share with you some tips on maintaining and using your garbage disposal.


How to Use a Garbage Disposal (Step by Step)?

how to use a garbage disposal

One of the best tips you will ever get on how to use garbage disposal is to use the correct steps every time.  The steps are:

  1. Only turn on your garbage disposal when you have a steady stream of water in the sink
  2. Ensure you put on the machine before you place any waste in it
  3. Feed in small amounts of waste, instead of packing it on. It helps with faster grinding of the waste.
  4. Pay attention to the sound of the motor. If the pitch is very high, it is an indication that the blades are under great stress. You may need to cut up the larger chunks into smaller pieces before feeding them into the machine.
  5. Once the grinding process is complete, turn off the disposal unit. A typical cycle should take about 30 seconds. You should, however, continue to let the water run for a short while to clean the drainage pipe. You can also use some liquid soap to ensure a more thorough cleaning.


Tips for Using A Garbage Disposal

tips while using a garbage disposal

  • Run It Regularly

You may not need to use your garbage disposal every single day. It is, however, essential that you take steps to avoid rusting of the blades. You also need to ensure that there are no food particles in areas you cannot see. Switch on the appliance and run some water through it occasionally.

  • Be Careful About What You Dispose Of Down the Drain

You can increase the rate of wear and tear by the type of trash you have in your garbage disposal. Some of the items may be too difficult to break down and will increase wear and tear.

Even if some of the items pass through the disposal without any problem, they may end up clogging your plumbing system.

Pasta, oats, and rice, for example, continue to swell up even after cooking. Avoid dumping things such as fat, oil, bones, shelves, and fibrous vegetables into the unit. Potato peels, broken glass, metal, and eggshells should also not go into the garbage disposal.

Fibrous foods such as banana peels, celery stalk, and corn husks will tangle around the blades. The extra strain on the motor will end up burning it out.

  • Use the Right Water Temperature

You may like to use hot water because it makes washing-up so much easier. It, however, has the opposite effect when it comes to your garbage disposal unit. The melting food or fats will lead to the sticking of the waste on to the sides.

Over time, the build-up may prove to be a major challenge to the proper running of the garbage disposal. Use cold water so that it hardens the food. It will allow for faster grinding and draining from the drain pipe.

  • Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal Unit

Use items from your pantry to clean your garbage disposal. Baking soda is a fantastic cleaning aid. Simply sprinkle some into the disposal unit, and it will clean and freshen up the equipment.

Break up some ice cubes and use them to knock off any foods that may be clinging to the sides of the garbage disposal. Ice also sharpens the blades and scours hard to reach various areas. Try and do this at least twice every month for maximum efficiency.

An excellent tip is to freeze vinegar instead of water for the ice cubes. You get rid of unpleasant smells while achieving the benefits of using ice in the disposal unit.

Borax will help you get rid of mildew and mold. Avoid the use of drain cleaners or any harsh chemicals like bleach.  While they may assist with the cleaning, you may eventually end up with a malfunction. The chemicals may damage the pipes or blades.

  • Getting Rid of Odors

Have you been wondering about how to get rid of the bad smell from the garbage disposal? If yes, you can use some simple-to-access items in your home. One fantastic tip is to use citrus fruits to keep the Machine odor-free.

Orange, lime, or lemon peels down the garbage disposal should do the trick. You may also experiment with coffee grounds. Either way, moderation is the way to go. It is something you should occasionally do because too much of it may end up clogging your disposal unit.

  • Installation and Repairing the Garbage Disposal

We would recommend that unless you have the relevant expertise, let the professionals install and undertake any major repair work. Some of the problems may be things you can handle easily, though.

You may need to reset the machine if you notice it is not working properly. The reset button is on the motor and is usually black or red. Ensure the power is on, and then simply push the reset button.

If you have issues with jamming, use the hand crank functionality. You will need tools such as an Alan wrench, but make sure it is a task you can handle. You do not want to damage the unit further by taking on repair work you are not sure about.


Final Thoughts

We have shared with you some excellent tips on how to use a garbage disposal. Like any other piece of household equipment, you need to take care of it well. Do not use hot water, feed in the waste in small chunks, keep it clean, and undertake repair work when necessary.