How to Remove a Garbage Disposal? – Detailed Information with Pictures

All kitchen appliances including your garbage disposal depreciate with time. Depending on the rate of work and the efficiency of your garbage disposal, it needs to be changed and to some extent removed permanently. A lot of things can influence your desire for a complete garbage disposal removal. So how to remove a garbage disposal?

Whichever your reasons are, this article will provide you with a step-by-step process of a successful garbage disposal removal.

How to remove a garbage disposal?

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1. What tools you will need?

The following tools and equipment will be needed for the successful removal of your garbage disposal:


Bucket, screwdrivers, rag, hacksaw, channel-type pliers/ wrench.


Continuous waste pipe, basket strainer, plumber’s putty, sink tailpiece.

Hiring a plumber to remove your garbage disposal can be pretty expensive thus the need to do the job by yourself to save some money. This is a straightforward process that does not require any expertise. By using the tools and materials listed in this article you will successfully remove your garbage disposal. Below is a step-by-step process of removing your garbage disposal:

Part 1. Removing your garbage disposal

  • Cut off the power supply to your garbage disposal

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Switch off the power supply from your electrical service panel or circuit breaker. Flip the switch that controls the electricity reaching your garbage disposal via the circuit breaker. Confirm that your power supply has been cut off by trying to run your garbage disposal before moving on to the next step.

  • Unplug your garbage disposal from your wall socket

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Unplug your garbage disposal unit from the wall. If the disposal is hardwired, disconnect the wires. Use your screwdriver to remove the plate that is covering the cable connections at your disposal. Disconnect the wires exposed and remove the plate that covers the junction on your wall. Unfasten the wire caps that secure the disposal wires to the home wires and then set the garbage disposal’s wires aside.

Fasten the wire capes over your exposed wires in your junction box and then put the wires inside the junction box then reattach the junction box. With your voltage tester, ensure no electrical voltage before you put the wires back into the junction box.

  • Remove your dishwasher hose

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Loosen the hose clamp that attaches the dishwasher hose to your barbed dishwasher nipple and then remove the hose. Remove the pipe that connects your dishwasher to the side of your disposal. Note that not all the garbage disposals connect to a dishwasher. This is applicable if yours is connected.

  • Place a bucket under your waste pipe

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When you are disconnecting your pipes, most likely there will be wastewater in the pipe. Put a bucket underneath your pipes to catch the wastewater present in the pipes.

  • Remove the fittings on the P-trap

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With an adjustable wrench remove the fittings on your P-trap. The p-trap is a U-shaped pipe connecting to your garbage disposal and takes wastewater away from your garbage disposal.

  • Let the water in your P-trap drain into your bucket

The remaining wastewater in the p-trap should drain out into the bucket underneath it.

  • Remove your garbage disposal

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Some models unscrew from the drain sink while others have a snap ring. To get rid of the snap ring insert your screwdriver under your ring to open it off the flange. Ensure you hold the underside of your garbage disposal using your hands while you are removing it since the disposal is very heavy. Put rags under your cabinet as protection if your unit drops preventing the cabinet floor from getting damaged.

  • Detach your mounting assembly

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Remove your mounting assembly by unfastening the mounting screws that hold the lower and upper rings apart. Next, remove the ring in the groove on your sink sleeve then remove the flange, sink sleeve, and the fiber gasket. Clean any remaining plumber’s putty, sealing gaskets, or debris from your sink opening.

Part 2. Replacing your sink drain as well as installing new drain pipes

  • Remove the sink drain

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Use your pipe wrench to unfasten and remove the bolts securing your drain flange. Then, push your sink drain up through your sink to remove it.

  • Clean the plumber’s putty with a putty knife

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With your putty knife, scrape off the putty, and if it is hard to remove, use a razor to clean the excess. Use a scrubbing pad with water to clean the area when you are done cleaning the putty. If the plumber’s putty is too hard to remove, remove it using spirits or rubbing alcohol.

  • Roll 3.2mm plumber’s putty and place in the drain

The rope of the plumber’s putty should be long enough to fit the circumference of your drain. Put it underneath the lip drain and set this drain into your sink opening. Press down the drain firmly and clean the excess putty.

  • Secure your flat washer

The drain comes with a washer when purchased. Place the washer over your threads on the underside of your drain and then secure using the large bolt that comes with the drain.

  • Locate the PVC drain tailpiece

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It connects the drain to your elbow pipe. The tailpiece should have enough length of the same level as the pipe that it will be connected to. Using your hand, tighten the drain sink to secure the tailpiece.

  • Connect the elbow piece to your tailpiece

Attach the pieces to form a bend in your pipe that directs towards your adjacent sink.

  • Connect your connector pipe to the adjacent sink and the elbow

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Use your connector pipe to join the elbow piece with the T-fitting that is on the adjacent sink. You might need to cut down the connector pipe to the appropriate length according to your sink. With the washers and nuts provided with the pipes secure the pieces together with the groove pliers and the tongue.


Should I remove my garbage disposal?

Many reasons will make you remove your garbage disposal from your kitchen sink. They are not recommended if your home has a septic system. If you have moved into your home on septic, then with no doubt, the good idea is to remove your garbage disposal. Moreover, if your kitchen drain is prone to clogging garbage disposal might be a challenge for you.


Tips for removing garbage disposals

When removing your garbage disposal there are tips that you must have on your fingertips:

  • Ensure that you have your tool and equipment ready for a smooth operation.
  • If you are not replacing your garbage disposal, you must install a basket strainer or a sink strainer in its place.
  • You must follow the steps provided precisely for a smooth operation.



In conclusion, you are now well informed on the step-by-step process of removing your garbage disposal thus you have saved some money that you would have spent on hiring a plumber to do this straightforward task for you.



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