How to Hide Kitchen Trash Can? – Masses of Ways to Make Kitchen in Perfect Order

Kitchen trash cans can be very smelly and take up floor space; therefore, one will need to hide them from where people accessing the kitchen should not meet. Sometimes you find that your pet always pops its nose in the kitchen trash can. It is important to learn several ideas on how to hide the kitchen trash can; here are several ideas that can help you out:

40+ ways to hide or dress up an ugly kitchen trash can

Sometimes it becomes challenging to hide or dress up your ugly kitchen trash cans; there are several ways you can do this; you can choose to use kitchen trash cans that hide the whole trash or dress up the cans. This is what will help you out:

1. Under counter trash slide out kit

trash can in cabinet

It is pullout trash that solves your trash storage problems; with very few screws, you can easily mount the trash can on the cabinet walls. It is effortless as it quickly glides into the cabinet and out of the cabinet with simple but sturdy ball-bearings. Moreover, this trash can is equipped with a permanent hand pull, while others have lids that eliminate the foul smell from your kitchen.

2. Interior cabinet pull out trash can

trash can kitchen

These trash cans work best for the people who have adequate interior cabinet spaces; what makes them more preferable is that they can work in any cabinet. They perfectly sit in the cabinet and serve your trash needs; before buying the interior cabinet pull out trash can, you are advised to take your cabinet space; the width, depth, and height. Buy a trash can that will leave some spaces on each side to allow it to slide easily.

3. Till out trash can cabinets

garbage can storage ideas

It is one of the creative styles one can use to hide their trash; they serve almost the same purpose as the interior cabinet pull out trash can, as they possess some similar features. However, they are more beneficial; one can use them as an extra counter or side table, available in various colors and shapes, making them easy to blend with your kitchen décor. If it occupies a large floor space, you can be guaranteed to save backspace as the counter.

4. Cabinet door hanging trash cans

kitchen garbage can storage

These trash cans are somehow smaller than the other cans; they are more effective when placed under your kitchen counter. It is designed to big enough to accommodate quick thrown trash, the design is meant for them to be hanged on the door, but this is not the limited option; you can choose to mount it in your cabinet or on the wall with the bracket you will be provided with.

5. Mobile kitchen trash can

diy trash can cabinet

It is equipped with gliding wheels as an added advantage and making your trash disposal easy; one can easily move them around the house and easily hide them in the laundry room or within the pantry. They provide the best ideas to you as you will not be required to save extra spaces in the cabinet. They have sensors; therefore, one does not need to touch them.

6. Under-sink pivot out trash can

kitchen garbage can solutions

You can use a grand idea to hide your kitchen trash with limited space; it is highly versatile and can be used in the kitchen and any not-in-use cabinet. They are naturally automatic; once you pull open the cabinet, the pivot enables them to come out, and the lid opens.

7. Pull out under sink trash can

under sink pivot out trash can

The dual bin under sink trash can pull out is among the most ideal you can go with; it works best, especially when you need a trash bin that you can easily move around the house. They are made with lids and handles, and the two bins sit in a slides frame; the hand pull makes it easy to install the trash can. One can place it under the sink, saving more cabinet and floor space.

8. Kitchen carts with trash compartments

how to hide kitchen trash can

This is applicable where one has extra room for extra furniture such as a kitchen cart; it should have extra and enough counter spaces to facilitate your storage needs. You can use these extra spaces to fix in your trash can and always keep the kitchen cart doors close.

9. Use tilts for small pieces

tilt trash can

If you have a small kitchen floor space, it won’t be easy to find another piece of furniture and fix it in your kitchen; therefore, you will need to be more creative. With adequate wall space in your kitchen corner or next to the counter, use the tilts to hide the kitchen trash cans.

10. Makeover old trash bins

Old trash bins can look bad, especially when they have served you for long and you still want them; if you have no plans of doing away with them, consider making them look better. It is simple you can use different art ideas to recreate back your trash bin.

11. Label your trash cans

outside garbage cans

The idea of labeling your trash cans on what each of them should hold makes disposal easy and shows how organized you are. You can achieve this idea by using different cans at least three cans and on the outside mention what they hold, making them more organized.

12. Make use of large baskets

under counter garbage bin

Most people do not easily upgrade from using their favorite trash bins; a trash can is the last thing a homeowner remembers to replace. However, this should not be a problem you can easily fix this by hiding the trash can in a big beautiful basket with a lid.

13. Wine barrels

diy trash can

If you want to achieve a rustic feel, and look in your kitchen without the interference of kitchen trash bins, consider using the wine barrel. Choose the best place to perfectly fit and still bring about the rust feel you want to achieve. This is simply converting a wine barrel to a trash can.

14. Try hanging cute curtains

nice kitchen trash can

Hang a cute curtain to cover and hide your trash can, and you should be more creative when it comes to this idea. It is simply dressing the trash can, where you have your trash under the sink or in an open cabinet, use a beautiful and well-fitting curtain to cover it across or along.

15. Try to reimagine a dresser

DIY tarsh can with nice dress

As we need more blending options, we call or more creativity to make things that will hide our trash cans and still make the kitchen maintain its desired look. Make use of a dresser to achieve extra lower space where you can lock in your trash cans with a light knob pull you will put in and access your trash can with ease.

16. Fully dedicate a cabinet

make use of large cabinets

The idea of dedicating a cabinet needs you to spare a storage space within your kitchen cabinet and build a slide-out trash can from the cabinet. Build this in a way it can easily slide out once the cabinet door is opened; however, the door should not wide open; it should only slide be easily closeable.

17. Use of different colored bins

kitchen garbage bin in different colors

The idea calls for more creativity; you should be creative with a different trash can to use for a different form of trash. Consider using different paint colors on each trash can and also label them with different but blending paints. This makes them look more organized and minimize utilitarian looks in your kitchen.

18. Try rolling out the trash can

under counter garbage bin

Roll-out garbage cans are always the best option when operating in an integrated route; choose from the many different forms that accommodate your kitchen garbage bags, consider going for the stainless steel ones. You also have an option of rolling out some of your cabinet space for the same.

19. Forward and back tilting

trash can cabinet

Here you will be using a tilting hinge instead of a slide-out system; you can build this in either a perimeter or any island cabinetry. One can also decide to buy a stand-alone trash can, which is more flexible than built. Consider investing in high-quality units with strong hinges to avoid breakages from heavy loads.

20. Use the lift-top box

kitchen garbage can storage

It among the stand-alone options one should go for; it saves on much space as it ensures that it accommodates all your kitchen trash. You will achieve different trash bin uses; for instance, you can recycle the composting bin on the box and lift tops.

21. Wicker the kitchen trash

wicker garbage can in kitchen

If you have a traditional kitchen design, this is how to go about your kitchen trash bin hiding. Find a wicker trash bin; they have specifically been designed to house typical kitchen trash bins; the best thing about this is they can be bought in materials that are easy to clean and more resilient.

22. Built-in countertop trash chute

indoor trash can storage

It an idea you can design yourself or buy and fix on your own; you will need to buy a stainless steel chute on your countertop, cut the desired diameter hole you want and install your chute in there. You will need to be keen when placing your trash can, and it should be directly below the chute to avoid creating messes.

23. Use a hamper

outside garbage cans

It is a good idea for hiding kitchen trash cans; hampers have awesome looks and easily blend with any other kitchen and house furniture. Consider picking a more stylish hamper and just put in your kitchen trash cans and keep it closed. Ensure your family and guests know it is for trash cans to prevent anyone from throwing in dirty clothes.

24. Use small trash bins with an added drawer

under sink garbage

When you choose to use smaller kitchen trash cans, you will use the extra drawer that comes in handy. Considering that the kitchen trash cabinets are big enough to accommodate two small trash bins with lids, you can easily open the drawer and close it to hide the trash cans.

25. Pull out garbage storage idea

trash can in cabinet

The pullout garbage storage idea is something almost everyone should love, and it has some pleasing features where it can open by itself. Once you open the door, the bins pop out gently with their top open to enable you to throw in your trash, then closing it is also something straightforward, requires minimal maintenance.

26. Quick trash disposal

trash compactor in home

Garbage disposal is an idea that ensures one quickly disposes of their trashes without any mess creation around them. To make this effective, find the best garbage disposal, and then consider having your kitchen working space on top of the counter where you have placed your trash can. That once you are done working or chopping, you quickly dispose of the trash.

27. Kitchen island garbage storage

under sink garbage can in kitchen

Sometimes having single garbage storage is not enough; therefore, you will need two or three trash cans; try using the two trash cans on the kitchen island. It ensures that you have adequate disposal space and well-hidden trash cans; large families can use this garbage storage method.

28. Fitted kitchen trash storage cabinet

Function Home white 13 gallon trash can

It is a perfect idea for anyone who has a small kitchen space, and the cabinet gets well organized as one creates some space in there to fit their trash cans. It comes in handy with the tilt out bin storage. The Fitted Kitchen Trash Storage Cabinet idea is cheap and every descent.

29. Kitchen trash cans in modern cabinets

under sink pivot out trash can

Every house needs garbage storage places; modern cabinets can be the best idea to hide the ugly kitchen trash cans, especially for highly modernized classy houses. The pullout idea can work better here since the cans can easily open on their own once the cabinet is pulled out.

30. Use the black cabinet with garbage storage

best black kitchen trash can

Black kitchen cabinets are a whole real deal; they look beautiful and classy and ensure that the kitchen’s trash cans are well secured and away from people accessing the kitchen. They can be easily pulled out, and they are close to the napkin drawer.

31. Kitchen corner trash can storage

kitchen garbage can storage

Here is another awesome idea you can use to store your trash cans, in the corner of your kitchen, you can find the best storage space. Where there is a cabinet on your kitchen’s corner and does not use it, then you should not miss the opportunity to make use of it to hide your kitchen trash cans.

32. Try door mounting your trash cans

kitchen garbage can storage

This one of the simplest and economical ways of hiding trash storage cans; it can cost you less than what you expect. If you are on a budget or want to make your trash storage changes and have no plans to go for this idea, it will allow you to store less than the other storage ideas.

33. Wrap a wire around your trash can

kitchen island with garbage bin

This idea completely transforms your ugly trash can; however, you must be more creative in wrapping the wire all around uniformly in an attractive manner. The type and color of wire you use determines how pretty the trash can will end up looking like.

34. Retro look painting

retro look painting garbage can

The idea can quickly make your kitchen trash can be outstanding and unique, choose the best paint, and creatively paint the trash can to do away with the old ugly look. You can choose a pattern that blends with available colored equipment in the kitchen.

35. Build a cute kitchen trash box

kitchen garbage can solutions

Another perfect idea that easily hides all the trash cans from being seen consider building a box that will be specifically meant to keep trash cans. Choose simple and easy to use materials like wood, choose your desired design, and you can fix it quickly.

36. Custom tilt-out kitchen cabinet

garbage can storage ideas

It is a custom cabinet that one can use to hide their kitchen trash cans easily; it is among the most brilliant trash can storage ideas that occupy little floor space. You can choose to buy ready-made or make one by yourself.

37. Cabinet transformation

make your cabinet suitable for your trash can

Sometimes affording a kitchen island is costly, but there is a solution to that you can easily transform the cabinets into a kitchen island. This should enable you to pack your kitchen trash cans in without anyone seeing them or scattering them in the kitchen.

38. Wheeled trash cans

wheeled waste bin in kitchen

Consider finding a trash can with wheels, especially when you have small kitchen spaces, and you would want to fit your kitchen trash can in any place in the kitchen. Wheeled trash can serve you what you want, and you can hide it anywhere in the kitchen.

39. Separate compartments

under sink garbage

Instead of having many cabinets for storing your trash cans, consider separating them in a way that the recyclables and non-recyclables cannot appear together. It should enable you to easily note the difference between the trash cans that you won’t make a mistake of misplacement.

40. Customize your cabinets for trash cans

make your cabinet suitable for your trash can

In this idea, you have to consider how your cabinet line looks like, then customize the efficient and sizeable ones that can fit your trash cans. Some people would go for drawers, while others prefer doors; your kitchen and trash size can determine what you will pick.



Finding the best way of hiding your kitchen can trash is one great achievement one could ever achieve in their kitchen. The benefits that arise from this are pleasing, and you can save your pets and small children around the home. Plus, you will be able to manage your trash with ease, properly, and cost-effectively.