GLAD GLD-74030 Plastic Step Trash Can

Sometimes holding the trash in escrow in and of itself may not always be enough. You want to suppress the odor that may also arise when the trash stays in the can for too long before emptying. That is only possible if you choose to work with a can that is equipped with appropriate odor protection.

This Glad Gld-74030 plastic step trash can, which forms the basis of our reviews at the moment, is one such. It is mainly suitable for that person who rarely disposes of the trash. You may have it for the taking if you live in a detached location or a faraway place.

An overview of the GLAD GLD-74030

GLAD GLD 74030 garbage bin for home

We have already explained that this GLAD GLD-74030 plastic step trash can is equipped with odor protection. It hence works to dissolve and absorb the odor from the trash it holds. That arrangement sees to it that your interiors stay cool and less inclined to the risks of the foul stench.

Because of this, they can find much usage and applicability in those areas that are far detached from the mainstream or are too remote. These include rural communities, suburbs, and urban areas that are sensitive to the risks of smell pollution. Those are not all that the item has in store for you though.

It also possesses a step-pedal that you hit to open and close the lid. The fact that you step on the pedal negates the need for you to hold the lid by the hands. In that way, you are spared the hygiene-related illnesses that ordinarily spring forth with consistent use.

Most of you are willing to purchase a 13 gallon garbage can. Need we add its capacity that stands at the whopping 13 gallons (50 liters)? This is sufficiently large to handle and accommodate all the trash that a typical household setting may produce and want to hold in escrow. Its sheer large capacity reduces the need for constant emptying and handling.

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GLAD GLD-74030 step garbage bin – Main features

We get now to the main features of the GLAD GLD-74030 plastic step trash can:

1. CloroxTM odor protection

GLAD GLD 74030 trash bin for home

Standing out among the many awesome features that the item potentially brings along. Its role is to neutralize and diffuse the stench that comes from the rotting trash. It does so by inhibiting the proliferation and thriving of the bacteria and the other germs. That keeps you in an absolute state of utmost safety.

2. Bag rings

GLAD GLD 74030 garbage bin with bag ring

Also adorning the entire length and breadth of the can are some bag rings. They are the ones into which you stash the dirt and then seal firmly. Being completely airtight, they hardly allow the smell to seep out of the bags into the rooms and the places where you place the can in.

3. Convenient operations

With this can at your fingertips, you do not need to acquire and expend too much expertise. The item in and of itself is simple enough for just about anyone to comprehend and ultimately make great use of. For a large part, you will only have to engage your feet, nothing else.

4. Foot pedal

GLAD GLD 74030 wuth foot pedal

At its core is the foot pedal that serves to accept the steps and then translate the same to some opening and closing actions. The feet pedals are highly responsive and less likely to inconvenience you in the course of handling and subsequent engagement. Also, the pedal takes away the need for the use of the hands.

5. Wider applicability

With this can, you may get rid of the trash from your homes, offices, garages, kitchens, and just about any other area where you may have the space available. Its choice is hence a sure way of avoiding the inconveniences that generally come along with the use of alternative cans.

6. Compact fit

Closely related to the above is the trait of the compact fit. The item is smaller, sleeker, and compact in such a way as to allow for smooth and easy fitting. As a matter of fact, you will find the gadget easily fitting the squeezed spaces that may be available at your disposal or at the homes.

7. Superior color finish

GLAD GLD 74030 garbage bin for home

Its exterior is not left out either. It too has some superior color finish that works extra hard to imbue your interiors and the spaces you place the can in. That it does by complementing the décor and the aesthetics of those places. Choose to work with it for your office decorations as well.

8. Excellent satisfaction

If you choose to purchase this item, you will enjoy some excellent satisfaction. This shall come to you mainly in the form of the 30-day money-back warranty. It entitles you to a full refund for any danger, dissatisfaction, or damage that arises within 30 days after purchase.

9. Comprehensive warranty

Other than the money-back guarantee, the manufacturer of this can have also taken deliberate steps to accompany the item with a comprehensive warranty. This lasts two years and covers the entire item, its accessories, and the labor costs. Feel free to use it with the utmost confidence.

10. Superior quality

Overall, the item is wholly superior in its quality by virtue of comprising parts and components that are truly rich in quality. Those parts are less likely to fall apart even when bombarded with the harshest impacts and other incidents or sources of damages with regular use.

11. Utmost security

Even when you have to transport the trash can regularly over a wider area, you will never have to worry about the possibility of the contents spilling over. Its bags are tighter and more secure than those of the alternative cans. Yet again, you have the pleasure of utmost confidence to reap from the use of this can.

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Pros and cons of GLAD GLD-74030 step garbage bin


  • Absorbs the odors from the rooms
  • Spares you from the foul stench
  • Holds the trash for the longest duration of time before emptying


  • Costly to come by


With the insight we have generously given forth, you should now appreciate the GLAD GLD-74030 Plastic Step Trash Can to the fullest. As you may note from the foregoing explanations, the can is able to do so much more than merely holding your trash in escrow. Go for it hence!