how to clean a garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is made in a way that is self-cleaning, but once in a while, it will need your attention to help clean it efficiently. Some of the foods washed down the sink get stuck on this disposal after sometimes the food start to rotten hence the appliance starts producingContinue Reading

Food is the primary source of wastes in our home. For every meal that we take, there will be waste to be thrown away. Having a garbage disposal unit in your home is essential. This is one kitchen appliance that will deal with the food remains on our plate. ItContinue Reading

insinkerator garbage disposal

Some municipalities have been discouraging people from draining their food waste products into the drain or sewerage systems because of inadequate water supplies or sewer systems. Other cities and towns don’t allow people to release their kitchen waste into the sewer lines if it is not ground into small particlesContinue Reading

garbage disposal air switch

Garbage disposal switches are critical because they allow you to turn your garbage disposal on and off.  These switches are mainly used for safety reasons because they allow you to operate the garbage disposal with your hands out. In the past, most switches were mounted on the wall and connectedContinue Reading

best garbage disposal under 100

Garbages are very common in our homes and can be very disgusting when decomposed. The most common type of garbage found in homes is food particles, normally found in the kitchen. These food particles can result in a disgusting and awful odor when piled up in one place. So, howContinue Reading

how much does a garbage disposal cost

The garbage disposal unit is one of the best innovations to feature in the kitchen. It is a typical installation in many households and works by shredding food pieces in the sink to tiny pieces, that can easily be disposed of. So, how much does a garbage disposal cost? ThisContinue Reading

Whether you plan to replace an existing garbage disposal unit while renovating your house or you are interested in buying new garbage disposals for a new house, it is essential to consider important factors such as the size of the garbage disposal units and the number of people who willContinue Reading