Best Bathroom Trash Can – Make Your Bathroom Perfect

Including the best bathroom trash can in your washroom could have a big impact. Such a measure makes it possible to maintain a clean and neat bathroom. Also, using a properly-selected trash receptacle can have a big visual impact in the bathroom, given that fancy trashcans can enhance the overall décor of the bathroom.

Since bathroom trash cans are not created equally, low-quality trash cans could spoil the objectives of the garbage bin, the reason you must look for the best bathroom trash can. To help you purchase the right trash container below is a review of the best bathroom receptacles.

Top 8 Rated – Best bathroom trash can in 2021


Reviews of the 8 best bathroom trash can

1. Best with swing lid – Umbra Twirla 2.4 gallon plastic bathroom trash can

Umbra garbage can with swing lid for bathroom


Keep your waste out of sight with the help of the Umbra Twirla trash can. It combines function in an easy-to-use and stylish garbage bin, thus an ideal choice for modern kitchens, offices, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other places. The trash can has a 9-liter capacity, but it can work with 3-gallon and 4-gallon garbage bags.

Exceptional features and benefits:

  • Slim and stylish

The Twirla trash can is one of the best bathroom trash cans for compact spaces. It features a compact size and slim design. This enables it to fit into narrow openings, including under the desk or bathroom corners. Also, the garbage bin features a simple and clean design while it comes in a range of neutral colors to let you pick one that matches your décor and appliances.

  • Durable construction

This garbage bin is constructed to last. It is made of durable polypropylene. This material enhances strength and stability to let you use the trash can without worrying about it toppling over. Furthermore, this material is easy to maintain, thanks to the fact that you can clean it using a damp cloth.

  • Swing-top lid

For hassle-free disposal of the waste, the Twirla trash can has a swing-top lid. The lid features a weighted design. Thus, it can flip back into its rightful place easily and quickly to let you drop the trash through the top and go. Plus, the swing-top lid facilitates hands-free disposal of the waste for easy operation.

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2. Best with foot pedal – Simplehuman 1.2 gallon round bathroom step trash bin

Simplehuman stainless steel garbage can for bathroom


The Simplehuman is a 1.2-gallon step trash can. To enhance your experience when using it, it works with durable and extra-strong trash can liners that fit into the removable bucket for cleaner disposal of the trash. The garbage bin adopts a patented lid with Shox technology. This technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow and silent close.

It features a dark bronze stainless steel finish, thus an ideal choice for modern decors. The trash bin can fit perfectly into small spaces, thanks to the slim round shape and compact size.

Exceptional features and benefits:

  • Custom-fit liners

This trash bin comes with custom-fit liners. The liners are made from extra-thick plastic with double seams. This construction protects them from rips and tears for a cleaner trash experience. Also, the garbage bin includes a removable inner bucket. The bucket lifts out smoothly for easy disposal of the trash.

  • Strong steel pedal

Designed for durability, the Simplehuman garbage bin features a strong steel pedal. This pedal can withstand more than 150,000steps to provide you a stable operation over the years. Better, the pedal facilitates hands-free disposal of the garbage to assure you of ease of use.

  • Silent closing lid

Finally, the simplehuman trash can is best suited for use in quiet places. Its lid incorporates dampers that control its closure so that it can close softly and silently. The garbage bin is an ideal choice for offices or other areas where you do not want to disturb people sharing the room.

  • Fingerprint-proof finish

The stainless steel garbage bin has a shiny finish. This finish resists smudges to maintain a shiny and spotless bin. Because of this, the Simplehuman trash can is one of the best choices for a durable bathroom trash can that is easy to maintain.

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3. Best with round shape – mDesign slim round plastic small trash can for bathroom

plastic open top bathroom garbage bin


Whether you need a bathroom trash can or storage bin, the mDesign Trash Can is an ideal option. It is a 1.25gallon or 4.7-liter capacity trash can. It acts as a storage solution suitable for bathrooms or any other area that requires organization.

Exceptional features and benefits:

  • Functional and versatile

The mDesign is one of the best trash cans for rooms that require compact but decorative trash cans. It highlights a stylish design that makes it ideal for dens, home offices, crafts rooms, and bathrooms. The trash can is round and compact, thus an ideal choice for under counters, inside cabinets, small spaces in the bathroom, and under sinks. Available in a variety of colors, you can be sure to have a trash can that suits a range of decors.

  • Quality construction

This garbage bin is made of durable plastic. The plastic is rustproof, thus an ideal option for a durable trashcan. Also, the plastic is free of BPA and chlorine for user safety. Designed to hold up to everyday use, the plastic highlights a shatter-proof design. Also, you can wipe it clean using a damp cloth for easy maintenance

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4. Best with rectangular shape – Simplehuman 2.6 gallon bathroom compact trash can

2.6 gallon step on garbage can for bathroom


Enhance your trash experience using the Simple human trash can. It is a compact and stylish container best suited for homes and offices. The waste bucket comes in a variety of colors, including grey, white, stone, and black. Also, it comes in two size options, a 10-liter trash container or a 40-liter waste can.

Exceptional features and benefits:

  • Custom-fit liners

For a cleaner trash experience, this waste container includes custom-fit liners. Its liners are made of durable and extra-strong materials. Thus, you do not have to worry about leaks or tearing for cleaner disposal of the garbage.

  • Durable construction

The Simplehuman trash can is engineered to last. It is made of durable plastic. This material can withstand a range of elements and years of frequent use without denting. Still, the can includes a strong steel-accent step pedal. The pedal facilitates hands-free disposal of the dirt while assuring you of getting a waste container that will withstand frequent use.

  • Slim design

Finally, this is one of the best bathroom trash cans for small spaces. It features a narrow space-efficient shape. This means that it can fit in tight areas including between cabinets, under an office desk, or in the bathroom.

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5. Best with sensor – Ninestars AMZ-7-2 touchless trash bin for bathroom and office

motion sensor trash bin with lid for bathroom


The best trash bin for use in a dorm room, bathroom, office, kid’s room, home, or bedrooms is Ninestars AMZ-7-2 Trashcan. It has a 1.9galon capacity and an LED digital display with a touch button. Adding to that, the trash can incorporates a leak-proof base for fast and effortless cleanup. Featuring a sleek oval fingerprint-resistant design, the trash container is best suited for use in modern decors.

Exceptional features and benefits:

  • Delay-sensing technology

To save battery life, this trash container adopts advanced delay-sensing technology. The advanced infrared technology protects the lid from accidental opening so that kids, children, or people walking by can avoid opening it.

  • Removable ring liner

Still, this trash container has a removable ring liner. The liner holds the trash bag securely in place to conceal it from public view for a clean and neat appearance.

  • Motion-sensor lid

Lastly, this is a motion-sensor type of waste container. It has a sensor that derives its energy from two AA alkaline batteries. The infrared sensor detects a pass of the hand at a 130° angle or within 10” so that it can open automatically for you to dispose of the garbage. The sensor is IPX3 waterproof to prevent accidental spills or moisture from damaging the trash can. Plus, there is a built-in manual mode that keeps the lid open longer for bigger cleanups.

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6. Best with toilet brush holder – Cq acrylic 2.1-gallon slim plastic trash bin for bathroom

plastic bathroom trash bin with lid


On the seventh position is Cq acrylic Trash can. It is a 2.1-gallon waste container. The container is easy to operate, thanks to the press-top lid that opens smoothly. Also, it is cute and stylish for use in modern bathrooms, kitchens, and apartments. The trash container integrates a toilet brush holder for the neat and safe storage of the toilet brush.

Exceptional features and benefits:

  • Slim and compact

Designed to fit into compact spaces, the Cq acrylic is a slim plastic container. It measures 9.5” x 5.5”. Its size and rectangular shape provide a perfect waste container suitable for condos, dorm rooms, apartments, and tiny homes.

  • Easy to empty and clean

What’s more, this waste container is easy to clean. The durable plastic bucket is removable and easy to rinse using water with mild soap. Besides that, the bucket has a carrying handle that makes it easy to lift and empty.

  • High-quality construction

As a durable bathroom trash can, this waste bucket is made of high-quality plastic. The plastic has a durable finish for style and easy maintenance. On top of that, the interior bucker features a shatter-resistant plastic that guarantees strength.

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7. Best with press lid – Sooyee 10 liter rectangular plastic bathroom trash can

bathroom trash bin with lid


Responding to the need for a slim and stylish bathroom trash can is Sooyee Plastic Trash Can. Besides fitting into a bathroom, you can get it for kitchens, laundry rooms, and offices. The trash can is slim, enabling it to fit into compact spaces. It is easy to set up and designed to conceal the trash bags for a clean and neat appearance.

Exceptional features and benefits:

  • Fits in most spaces

This trash container can fit into any room and décor. It is slim and compact so that it can easily fit into narrow openings. Also, the trash can highlights unique finishes and stylish colors to enhance your décor.

  • Durable and easy to clean

Designed to last, Sooyee Trash Can is made of super-strong polypropylene. Besides strength, this material is easy to clean. You can wipe it using a damp cloth for easy cleanup. Plus, the trash container has a plastic interior bucket. This bucket can hold plastic liners, and it is removable for convenient disposal of the waste.

  • Touch sensor

Lastly, the trash can is easy to operate. To open the lid, you can simply press the lid and expect the touch sensor to control the lid’s opening.

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8. Best wooden – Gray Farmhouse Style square waste bin for bathroom

wooden bathroom garbage bin


If you need an open-top type of wastebasket, this is one of the best models. It highlights a stable base to protect it from tipping over. Additionally, it is stylish and beautiful, thanks to the perfect rustic style and wood construction.

Exceptional features and benefits:

  • Simple modern design

This trash can is suitable for modern decors. Whether you need the best trash can for a bathroom, powder room, study, or living room, it is an excellent choice. The simple retro trash container can add a classical aesthetic to different decors. It highlights an asymmetric design suitable for any place a wastebasket is desired.

  • Sturdy construction

Besides style, this trash can is designed to last. It is crafted of natural wood so that it can last over the years. Still, the trash can is handmade and fitted with metal brackets for sturdiness and an industrial aesthetic effect.

  • Unique and versatile

This is a unique and versatile bathroom trash can. Since each trash container is handmade, a little difference is expected of each garbage bin. The bin has a square opening and a square bottom. The opening is wide for easy disposal of the waste. Plus, it has a 3-dimensional effect on stability and reliability.

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How to choose the best bathroom trash can?

small bathroom trash can

If you have decided to purchase a bathroom trash can, there are several features to consider if you need the best bathroom trash can in the market. To help you out, we shall discuss the features that make an ideal garbage bin. Read on:

1. Type of lid

While some trash containers include lids, others do not contain the lids. Trash cans with lids adopt different mechanisms of opening them. These include:

Foot pedal trash cans

Also referred to as step-on trash cans, these garbage bins integrate a foot pedal mechanism. To open the trash can’s lid, you are required to step on the pedal. Once you have disposed of the garbage, release your foot from the foot pedal for the lid to close automatically.

Swing-lid trash containers

As the name suggests, these are trash cans that integrate a lid that swings. This type is an improved version of lid-less trash cans. The lids do not seal completely, which makes it easy for pets to open the trash cans. I would recommend such a bin for people who empty trash cans frequently or for outdoor and patio use.

Lift-lid trash cans

These are manual types of trash containers. Such garbage bins require that you bend to lift the lid when you want to dispose of the trash. Thus, they are not practical for kitchen use, given that you will find it difficult to throw the dirt on full hands.

Motion-sensor trash cans

Motion-sensor trash cans include a motion sensor. The sensor can detect your motion, which means that the lid opens when they detect a hand movement. Such trash cans are the best choices for the hands-free and hygienic disposal of the waste.

2. Ease of use and waste disposal

The best bathroom trash can should be easy to use. Therefore, opt for a trash can with a lid that opens effortlessly for easy disposal of the dirt. Also, get a trash can that supports easy waste disposal. Ideally, get a bin that includes a removable inner bucket so that you can lift it out for easy disposal of the garbage.

3. Style and finish options

If you need the best trash can for modern bathrooms, you must get one that features a modern style. Therefore, look out for a stylish trash bin but ensure that you do not sacrifice function for style. Moreover, determine the available finish options so that you can get a trash can with a finish that matches your bathroom’s décor.

4. Durability

You do not want to purchase a trash can that will last for months or days and require you to replace it with another one. Thus, look for a garbage bin that is constructed of durable materials. Such materials must resist warping despite the elements you expose the trash can. Still, consider the strength of the opening mechanism, more importantly when getting a food-pedal trash container. The pedal must withstand lots of steps for smooth opening over the years.

5. Ease of maintenance

Finally, the best bathroom trash can should be easy to maintain. This means that it must be easy to clean so that you can maintain a neat and clean bathroom. Therefore, opt for a trash can that includes a removable bucket for easy disposal of the garbage. Furthermore, get a trash can that wipes clean effortlessly with a damp piece of cloth.


How to clean bathroom trash can?

Cleaning a bathroom trash can is a fairly simple process that doesn’t require special equipment or a cleaning solution. To help you find out how easy this process is, below are the tools and materials required and the process involved.

1. Tools needed

  • Hose
  • Scrub brush
  • Desired cleaning solution
  • Rubber gloves
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Several towels

2. Procedure

Step 1. Empty the trash can if required.

Step 2. Take it outside and rinse it using the garden hose. This step helps to eliminate stuck garbage making it easier for you to clean the garbage bin.

Step 3. Spray the trash bin with the disinfectant spray to eliminate the stink or germs.

Step 4. Mix your cleaning solution. To do so, use your favorite cleaning solution and warm water.

Step 5. Using the cleaning solution and scrub brush, scrub all trash areas until all gunk is eliminated.

Step 6. Rinse the garbage bin thoroughly in the bathroom sink or using the hose. Leave the bin to dry or dry it using an absorbent towel or piece of cloth.


How to hide a small trash can in bathroom?

bathroom wastebaskets

For a clean and neat bathroom, you might want to conceal your trash container. So, which are the best ways to put the trash can out of site? Below are some ideas.

1. Install a cabinet drawer

If you are planning to conceal the trash can in a cabinet, install a pull-out drawer in the cabinet. This measure allows for easier access, given that you do not have to reach into a dark cabinet and try to feel around it for you to locate the garbage bin.

2. Redesign an old dresser

With less floor space, you could decide to repurpose an old dresser. Redesign the dresser in such a way that its door will tilt out and support the trash container to protect it from falling. Such a measure offers easy access to the trash container while providing access when it is required.

3. Conceal the trash can using a curtain

Instead of placing the trash container under the sink or exposed closet, redesign this area so that you can hang a curtain. This is a perfect way to conceal the trash can if you are on a budget or when you opt for a do-it-yourself means of hiding the trash can in a bathroom.


How to keep dogs out of the bathroom trash can?

dog proof bathroom garbage bin

Without proper measure to dog-proof your bathroom trash can, you could arrive home to scattered trash, a toppled-over trash can, or shredded boxes. To avoid such cases, below are tips to keep your furry friends out of the bathroom trash can.

1. Purchase a trash can with a tight lid

Avoid purchasing open-top trash cans or garbage bins with loose lids. That way, you can make it challenging for the dog to open it to ensure that the trash is contained.

2. Strategic positioning of the trash can

Instead of placing the trash can under the sink, you could keep it hidden. For instance, hide the trash can in a cabinet to protect your pooch from accessing it.

3. Pet training

Still, you could train your pet to stay out of the trash container. For instance, ensure that you catch him or her in the act. At that state, scold him or her so that he can understand that what he is doing is wrong. When doing so, avoid scolding him when not in the act since he might not understand what he is doing wrong.



1. Where should I put my trash can in my bathroom?

Where to put trash can in bathroom? For a clean and neat bathroom, you will want to keep your trash can out of sight. However, you could still place it in an open place if it enhances the décor of your bathroom. Some of the places to conceal the trash can include:

  • Hiding it inside a basket
  • In a tilt-open old dresser.
  • Tucked away with curtains under the sink.

2. What size is a bathroom trash can?

Bathroom trashcans come in different sizes. To determine the best size for your bathroom, pay attention to the number of users and the amount of trash that is required to be contained in a day. Ideally, 4-gallon trash cans are suitable for most families, but you can opt to go bigger if you deal with a lot of garbage or if you are not planning to empty it frequently.

3. Should bathroom trash can have a lid?

This depends on where you are planning to place it. If you will conceal it, a trash can without a lid is as good as one with a lid. After all, most bathroom waste doesn’t rot, which means that you are not required to keep the smell contained.

If you will place the trash can in an open area, you will want to get a trash container with a lid. Such a measure protects kids and pets from interfering with the trash for a clean bathroom.



Purchasing a bathroom trash can might not be as easy as it seems. You will need a trash can that will contain the waste and one that combines durability and style without sacrificing its performance. That said, buy one of the reviewed products and get a combination of that without breaking the bank.

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