Best 30 Gallon Trash Can with Lid in 2022 – Stem Stench and Hide Dirt

30 gallon trash cans serve a very significant purpose of storing waste until they are transported to their permanent location where they are either recycled or destroyed. The most regular yet vital decision you make when purchasing a trash can will not only be about functionality or magnitude but also whether it has a lid or not. We provide reviews of the best 30 gallon trash can with lid and guide you on how to pick them.

Top 5 of best 30 gallon trash can with lid


Benefits of buying a 30 gallon trash can with lid

30 gallon metal trash can with lid

Some of the benefits that come along with 30 gallon trash cans with lid include:

1. Prevent odor – The bad smell that originates from the waste is undesirable and pollutes your air. These trash cans have airtight lids hence your environment will remain clean from air pollution.

2. Hide unsightly waste – The bad smell that originates from the waste is undesirable and pollutes your air. These trash cans have airtight lids hence your environment will remain clean from air pollution.

3. They are built to last – The cans are constructed using high quality and sturdy materials such as metal and resin therefore have a long life span.

4. They are attractive – These trash cans have perfect designs and exist in many colors that blend well with your existing decorations adding style to your patio or kitchen.


Best 30 gallon garbage can with lid – Top 5 on the market

1. Best wooden – Keter 30 gallon garbage can with lid for patio and garden

30 gallon garbage can with lid for outdoor


  • Easy to assemble the handle
  • Easy to access and empty
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors

  • Complications when releasing overstuffed waste bags

Keter wooden trash can features 30 gallons capacity, which is used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. The brown wood style of this can will blend perfectly with modern designs making it an exceptional addition to your kitchen, patio, or garden.

You do not need to be troubled about rot or rust issues due to the harsh weather climate when using this trash can because it is manufactured using polypropylene resin which offers the can protection from rust, rot, water damage, and even sun bleach. Whether it is being used indoors or outdoors it will remain sturdy and strong for many years.

This waste can look small, but 30 gallons of waste materials will easily fit, making it ideal for barbecues, parties, and busy households. This product features a full-size rim made of plastic and is also removable, so your trash bags will be secured in position. The fact that this ring is movable offers an extra-wide opening for quick and fast lifting of trash bags.

The metal handle is made from a smooth and stylish metallic material. The metal handle and hinges make the trash can not only attractive but also strong and easy to use.

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2. Best for kitchen – Behrens galvanized trash bin with locking lid

30 gallon metal trash can with lid


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Large handles for easy lifting
  • Weather-resistant
  • It is hard to keep the trash can locked

Behrens 30 gallon metal trash can is made in the USA and features strong solid steel handles and an airtight lid making it perfect for not only trash but also yard waste and can also be used to store seeds and livestock feed.

It can also be used as a laundry basket inside the house. This trash can is manufactured using superior galvanized steel metal, therefore, it is made to be sturdy and hard to wear. This ecological and sustainably made garbage can is 100% recyclable making it far much better than plastic trash cans in terms of shelf life and durability. This trash can is used both indoors and outdoors as it is rodent, weather, and chemical resistant.

Behrens trash can is built to last with an offset bottom that keeps it off the ground and comes with large drop-down steel handles for easy transportability. The lid has a handle making it easy to remove, it is also airtight hence you do not to be worried about odor. When using it as storage your products will be secure as it is both water and rodent-proof.

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3. Best for garden – Suncast 30 gallon resin outdoor trash can with lid

30 gallon garbage can with lid for garden


  • Locks trash inside the can
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Remains dry throughout
  • A bit heavy

Suncast is aware that in an attempt to keep our environment clean, we also desire trash cans that give us color options that blend with our surroundings. This trash can exists in various colors that will match your business and home decoration. This product has been cleverly built to keep the backyard in a clean form, making it sufficiently successful. It features a trash capacity of up to 33 gallons making it ideal for use in the patios and backyards.

The item is manufactured using durable resin material that gives it a resilient design. This material makes it resist fading while it is water-proof even in the rainy season. The waste can have a functioning lid with hinges for easy access. The lid also features latches hence it locks garbage inside the can, you will never have to pick up trash on the street because it is blown out of the can.

Owing to its long-lasting construction, you are certain of reliability. It features a wicker design, hence a decorative piece that matches your outdoor style and is an ideal solution to your refuse.

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4. Best with self-draining lidRubbermaid 30 gallon garbage can with handles

Rubbermaid 30 gallon plastic garbage can with lid



  • Strong
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Easy to use
  • A bit bulky

Rubbermaid is known to be the best trash can manufacturers, therefore, this product is going to serve all your needs. Its construction features an excellent durable plastic material that includes a UV inhibitor. The can will have a long lifespan even under extreme weather conditions.

The superior material used in its construction makes it resistant to peeling, fading, and dents. It is integrated with bag cinches that secure the liners and allow for effectual knot liner changes. The handles are inbuilt and rounded to make carrying and transportation an easy task. The handles are also reinforced to resist damage, especially when handling heavy loads. The rims are reinforced to increase strength and toughness.

The lid features a self-draining channel to prevent still water build-up and pooling on the lid, also the snap-lock feature on the lid ensures that it is airtight. It is easy to remove trash bags and subsequently clean the trash can. The venting channels make it easy to lift trash bags thereby increasing productivity and reducing the risk of injuries.

Its stackable construction enables nesting for easy transportation and storage. The ridges on the lids make it easy to load these trash cans together, providing a space-sufficient storage solution.

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5. Best with wheels – Rubbermaid Commercial Brute 30 gallon trash can with hinged lid

30 gallon wheeled garbage can with lid


  • Ergonomic handles
  • High-performance treads
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • A bit heavy

This trash can from Rubbermaid has good measurements and it is designed to give you only the best. They come in a variety of colors, therefore you can find one that matches your decorations. The outdoor trash can features continuous build and smooth curves making it easy and quick to clean thereby increasing staff productivity.

This trash can with lid is designed to maintain performance at freezing temperatures as low as zero. It has back handles that are perfectly designed for comfort during operation. The trash can offers easy mobility as it features heavy-duty wheels that have high-performance treads making it effective for both indoor and outdoor use.

The trash can is built to last as the rim is secure for great structural quality and the solid lid is intended for additional strength. The hinged lid fits tightly where it swings back to lock well in place hence garbage is locked inside the trash can.

This trash can is easy for overall waste and bulk waste collection in offices, restaurants, homes, and garages. The trash can is also printed with a universal recycling symbol as per the EPA standards. It is one of the best in the market in waste management operations.

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How to pick the best 30 gallon trash can with lid?

30 gallon plastic kitchen garbage can

Trash cans with lid offer solutions to our cleanliness need whether used indoors or outdoors. Since there are numerous 30 gallon trash cans with lids on the market, we are is going to review how to pick the best trash can that will meet all your requirements.

1. User-friendliness

It should not be difficult for anyone to open or close your trash can’s lid. The trash cans come in a design that is very convenient to carry, with some friendly handles as well as wheels for fast and easy transport. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, always look for a trash can that you can easily close the lids and move around without using much force.

2. Material

Before purchasing the trash can, you should seriously consider the material used in the construction of the trash can you want to purchase since you need a weather-resistant product for outdoor settings that will not react with air and water or be impacted by strong winds or rain.

The material should also be resistant to rust in the case of a metal trash can. The best materials for outdoor settings include stainless steel and resin products.

3. Odor control

Under harsh weather conditions, garbage cans seem to have a bad smell. Therefore, you can choose a trash can with a lid that locks garbage inside hence regulating the bad odors. This not only helps keep the air safe, it also keeps the animals and insects away from the garbage.

4. Animal proof

Animals such as rats, raccoons, cats, and opossums are always attracted by garbage. Some of these animals can knock down the trash can and spill trash giving more work of collecting the trash.

A good trash can with an airtight lid that does not open even when knocked down is desirable to keep such animals away. Additionally, these trash cans cannot be chewed by animals. Buy trash cans that are IGBC certified to use as outdoor trash cans.

5. Look and style

30 gallon trash cans with lids should easily blend with your décor whether indoor or outdoor. When shopping, you should buy a trash can that allows flexibility of use for both indoor and outdoor at the same time still looking great for both settings.



30 gallon trash can has made it easy to maintain cleanliness in our surroundings. Consider purchasing a 30 gallon trash can with lid that is effective, easy to clean, and has a long shelf life. Purchase yours today to enjoy a better life!

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