Best 23 Gallon Trash Can in 2022 – Robust and Budget

In our day-to-day activities, we do need a place to throw away large waste. A 23 gallon trash can is used to store a lot of waste in your houses or places of work. This article is going to review the best 23 gallon trash can and guide you on how to choose.

Best 23 gallon trash can on the market – 8 top rated


Best 23 gallon garbage can – Top 8 reviews

1. Best slim – Carlisle 34202303 open-top trash can with 23-gallon capacity

23 gallon waste bin with handles


  • It is easy to clean and sanitize
  • It is perfect for small spaces
  • It has handles at the base for easy lifting
  • It is durable
  • No lid

If you are looking for a plastic trash can that is designed for durability and is of high quality, then the Carlisle 23 gallon trash can is what you are looking for. The name originates from its producer Carlisle Paddles.

This can have a slim shape making it fit easily into narrow spaces along walls, behind bars, or near a worktable. This rectangular trash can projects only 11 inches from the wall. It is designed with corner tabs that ensure the waste bags are securely in place to avoid spilling, and at the same time, it has handles at the base for easy lifting and transportation.

The 23-gallon waste bin is compatible with multiple lids such as cut-out recycling, swing top for hand-free operations, or handheld lid. It features rounded corners and a smooth inside making it easy to clean and sanitize.

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2. Best with square shape – Genuine Joe 23 gallon trash bin with handles

23 gallon plastic slim trash can for office

  • Decorative design
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is cheap
  • Its material is thick and sturdy

  • No lid

Genuine Joe is a gray-colored plastic waste can with a 23-gallon capacity that projects less than one foot away from the wall hence does not take up large spaces in the room. This beautifully designed container measures 23” by 30” by 11” and easily fits under a worktable.

It features inbuilt handles that allow easy moving and emptying. The trash container comes with an inbuilt bag cinch that prevents liners from falling to the bottom. The can is compatible with a 20-1/4” Genuine Joe lid that is sold separately to hide ugly waste.

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3. Best with handles – United Solutions rectangular 23 gallon kitchen trash can

23 gallon plastic trash can


  • It can fit anywhere
  • It has a large capacity
  • Has handles for easy movement
  • The lid is purchased separately

This 23 gallon plastic waste container was designed with the users in mind, as it is easy to lift thanks to pass-through handles on the sides and a hand groove on the bottom. With an optional bag size of 23 gallons, its design features an elongated shape with vented sides for easy removal of trash bags. You do not need to struggle while removing full trash bags from this container.

The container is large enough to hold sufficient waste in your household while at the same time it’s tall and narrow design makes it fit in tight spaces. The edges of this container resemble a dustpan, you can therefore remove any dirty debris into this garbage can directly eradicating the need for a dustpan. It also features a bag cinch, which ensures that liners are helpful holding the liner in position.

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4. Best step-on – Rubbermaid Slim Jim 23 gallon trash can with lid

23 gallon slim jim trash bin for outdoor


  • It has a suitable foot pedal
  • The lid is quiet when closing
  • Its operation is hands-free

  • It has plastic parts.

If you are searching for a garbage container that has a lot of features and allows you the chance to spill the waste without utilizing your hands, then the Rubbermaid Slim Jim step-on trash can will service your needs.

This waste can have a strong foot pedal to make you hand-free. The lid opens automatically when you press on the foot pedal to put in waste and when releasing your foot from the pedal the lid will close without making any noise.

In the kitchen area, space is one of the common issues since there are typically several gadgets kept in the kitchen area. The good news about Rubbermaid 23 gallon trash containers is that it is manufactured to take the least space possible. Its design saves space in your kitchen, which can be occupied by another gadget. Owing to its rectangular shape, it can easily fit in the corner of your kitchen.

Rust is the main obstacle to maintaining a shiny look of the equipment, however, with this container, you don’t need to be worried as it is manufactured using stainless steel. The container is, therefore, rust-resistant and durable. Thanks to the hands-free mode it offers safe, and easy hygienic waste management in health facilities.

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5. Best with locking lid – Safco 23 gallon plastic step-on trash can for outdoor

23 gallon white gabage can with foot pedal


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It features hands-free operation
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • It lacks venting channels.

This trash can from the Safco brand is ideal for high traffic areas such as hospitals, offices, warehouses, workrooms. It is easy to use as it has foot pedals that facilitate the opening and closing of the lid every time you need to put waste in the can, which ensures that your hands remain clean of germs.

Since you want trash cans that are easy to clean and sanitize after removing the waste bags. This 23-gallon trash can has smooth surfaces and round corners for easier cleaning therefore maintenance is effective. The presence of hooks inside the container helps hold the trash bags in position to prevent them from falling.

Some containers will help keep your environment clean from trash but will fail to keep it free from the odor that comes from the wastes. Safco step-on trash can is GreenGuard certified and the lids close strongly to assist in generating a healthy indoor environment by minimizing indoor air pollution and the risk of waste or any chemical exposure.

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6. Best with large air channels – Suncast commercial plastic 23 gallon garbage bin

23 gallon plastic trash can with handles


  • It is long-lasting
  • It is resistant to rust
  • It has a foot assist to hold down the can during liner removal
  • No lid

Suncast brand provides quality waste cans to the public. This 23 gallon waste can is a good example of affordability, quality, and artistry in their line of products. Whether you have a large or small space, you do not need to worry as this slim fit designed trash can will fit into your spaces perfectly.

The heavy-duty polymer construction allows for firmness and strength. It has a long shelf life owing to its sturdy resin construction. Handling the can is easy but it is also hard enough to handle even the most challenging tasks. These rectangular shaped cans come in different colors, therefore, you can select one that fits your surroundings to blend with your decorations.

You need not be concerned about how you are going to move it as it has handles on either side for easy carrying and has very large air channels for easy removal of the waste bags. Also, the waste bags are held in position by the cinches, hence do not easily fall off into the can.

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7. Best automatic – iTouchless 23 gallon stainless steel trash can with swing lid

23 gallon stainless steel trash can with wheels


  • Motion sensor lid
  • Odor control
  • Kind of heavy

Automation is used entirely in almost all products and services available in the market right now, so why should trash cans be left behind? This touchless trash can guarantees you 100% gratification backed by a full-service promise from the producer, including spare parts and customer support.

Besides saving you some energy, the sensor-activated lid relieves you from actively touching the lid to open, this helps in protecting your hands from bacteria. To enjoy the services of this trash can, you need to buy 4 D batteries or an AC adapter to power it up which are sold separately with the can.

Extra features that come together with the trash can include an activated carbon filter, which absorbs and neutralizes waste odor ensuring that your air remains fresh, smudge resistant, fingerprint-proof, and easy to clean stainless steel.

This modern-styled trash can is ideal for your office and kitchen among other places. It has a round shape therefore can fit easily into any space. Finally, it has a ring on top to ensure the bag is fixed and air vents in the bottom to create airflow preventing a vacuum and for easy removal of trash bags.

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8. Best under-counter – Rubbermaid Commercial 23 gallon garbage can for kitchen

23 gallon plastic black garbage can


  • It is easy to use
  • It is highly durable
  • It is available in six colors
  • It is challenging to find bag liners that fit

This 23 gallon trash can is a space-efficient trash can, designed for all-purpose waste disposal under the counter. It is built with a high-quality resin material for high durability.

It features large inclined openings that provide wide access under the counter making it easy to dispose of waste without littering the flow. It offers increased output and reduces risks that result from working, as the integrated vent channels make it easy to remove the liners.

The bag cinches hold the liners in place and permit for swift, knot-free bag changes while the base handles and the rim improves control and grip when lifting and emptying the container. The rims are reinforced to uphold mechanical integrity and resist crushing.

These 23-gallon trash containers come in six colors, therefore you can choose one which blends with your taste. They are also slim enough to fit into any space.

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How to pick the best 23 gallon trash can?

23 gallonn stainless steel garbage can with high open lid

Choosing the best 23 gallon waste bin is very important when it comes to health, safety, and cleanliness in our homes and workplaces. Providing customers in your fast-food restaurants and offices with labeled trash cans will always ensure that they place trash in the rightful bins which will allow easy separation.

Moreover, our homes and businesses need sufficient trash cans that are strategically positioned to minimize the movement of the people using them.

When picking trash can always consider the following:

1. Location and volume

The location of trash cans matters a lot just like in real estate. There are indoor trash cans and outdoor trash cans each designed to meet different needs. The more trash you generate means that you automatically require large cans to effectively hold all your waste without spilling. When shopping, pick a trash can that can easily fit in your desired space and has the right capacity to carry wastes efficiently without spilling.

2. Keeping the room odor and debris secure

23 gallon trash cans not only serve to keep our surroundings free from waste but also reduce odor and prevent insect invasion. In places such as in hospitals, hotels, and kitchens you need to choose a trash can that has a lid to keep the odor intact and also ensure that insects do not hover around.

Also having lids on trash cans prevents lightweight trash such as paper from being blown out of the cans when it is windy.

3. Durability

Plastic cans of 23 gallons are lighter and cheaper than metal cans, while metal cans are more durable. However, avoid lightweight plastics that wear off easily. Drilled areas cause weak points on trash cans, so look for solid-molded plastic cans that are reinforced in key areas, such as handles, around the rim and bottom. A good trash can should last for more than 5 years under normal use of collecting waste.

4. Animal proofing

It is common for small animals such as rats to enter into trash cans and leave a mess. Selecting a certified animal-proof can with a lid will help eliminate this problem on outdoor trash cans. As many products claim to be animal-proof, always look for a rating by IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee). This body conducts tests to determine which products are strong enough to withstand repeated chewing and clawing.

5. Design

Design serves a very practical purpose when it comes to 23 gallon trash cans. Open top cans make it fast and easy to throw away, while those with lids will help you hide unsightly wastes and enhance the visual appearance of your room. Colors can also be used when sorting waste, red or yellow for hazardous material, blue for recycling, and green for composting waste.

For waste cans to be used in workspaces it is advisable to consider the design as it helps increase awareness and create consistency in disposing of the different types of wastes.

6. Serviceability

Think of how the 23 gallon trash will be disposed of once collected. Durable handles, grips, liners are critical considerations. When working with high volume and heavy trash, do invest in quality liners to prevent bag breaks and their resulting mess. Fast and easy waste removal is the goal of every person. This will not only leave your place looking nice but also will improve your safety.


Where can I use a 23 gallon trash bin?

23 gallon plastic white garbage bin

23 gallon trash cans are used to collect large waste in our homes and places of work such as the office before the wastes are carried by waste management teams to the designated disposal locations. Different cans are suitable for different locations.

1. For outdoor

23-gallon outdoor trash cans are designed to resist the harsh weather climate such as strong rains and winds, they also need to be made from animal proof material. Small animals like rats and raccoons may enter the trash cans and cause a big mess.

The lids should be built with sturdy material so that it remains strong against continuous chewing and scratches from these animals. Lids on these cans should be airtight to prevent air pollution by the odor that comes from the wastes.

Best for outdoor – Rubbermaid Untouchable 23 gallon square trash container with lid

23 gallon garbage can with lid for outdoor

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2. For indoor

23-gallon trash cans are efficient for use inside the house especially in the kitchen. The trash cans are slim enough to fit the small places in the kitchen and some have a rectangular shape that easily fits around the corners of your spaces. Trash cans with the carbon-activated feature can be used inside the kitchen to keep the room odorless as most of the kitchen waste produces an unpleasant odor.

The cans with lids should also be used in the home setting, as they will also prevent insects from flying in your kitchen. The 23 gallon containers are large enough to handle your wastes effectively.

3. For offices

Open-ended 23-gallon trash cans can be used in the offices for disposing of wastes such as paper shreds which pose no threat to the air when the cans are left without closing. These bins can easily fit into the tiny spaces in the offices.

4. Under the counter

23 gallon bins such as the Rubbermaid commercial garbage can are designed for under the counter all-purpose waste disposals. The can have an inclined open width that is wide enough making it easy to dispose of bulky wastes. These trash cans increase the productivity of places such as bars while reducing risks that originate while working. The air vents make it easy to remove the liners.



23 gallon trash cans are important as they contain lot of litter and help us keep the environment clean. When purchasing trash cans make sure that they can serve all your needs. With our guides, you must have been confident to get your favorate trash cans.

3 Top rated overall


The 23 gallon trash bins are suitable for residential and commercial use. Moreover, we also provided you some options and detailed reviews about 20 gallon trash can and 20 gallon kitchen trash can. Come and buy!