Best 15 Gallon Trash Can in 2022 – Suitable for Kitchen and Office

Have you ever thought about how actual garbage bins are? Have you ever thought about which capacity you should choose for your kitchen and office? After careful research, we found that the 15 gallon trash can is a great choice. Here are a few introductions of the best 15 gallon trash can.


The 7 Best 15 Gallon Trash Can on the Market


7 Best 15 Gallon Trash Bin Reviews

1. Best Slim – Carlisle 34201523 Trimline 15 Gallon Garbage Can with Lid for Indoor

15 gallon trash can for kitchen with lid


  • Relatively impressive design
  • You can choose your preferred lid
  • Securing trash bags without a struggle

A little too pricy for some people

As long as you are looking for a 15 gallon trash can that can save space, Carlisle Trimline 15 gallon garbage can with a lid will be the best option. Thanks to its relatively slim design, this trash can will comfortably fit narrow spaces that protrude less than one foot from the wall.

While it is made from plastic, this 15 gallon trash can is relatively robust. The construction is so sturdy that you will effortlessly fill it with more than enough trash at a go. You will appreciate its painted finish, as it gives it a classic appeal.

Besides, it comes with base helper handles that can only make things much better. These handles play a critical role in providing you with enough support when transporting or dumping the garbage.

This product comes with corner tabs that help secure the trash bags. This way, you will be sure of a seamless experience when handling garbage in the long run.

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2. Best Hand-Free – Simplehuman 15 gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can with Lid

Simplehuman 15 gallon garbage can with foot pedal


  • With unrivaled liner pockets and rim
  • The lid is less noisy
  • You do not have to worry about smudges
  • A little too pricy for some people


The effortless operation of this 15-gallon trash can will readily get you smitten. It boasts of a steel pedal that allows you to open the lid without necessarily touching it. Once you step on the pedal, you will be free to dispose of your trash effortlessly.

You will appreciate how robust a construction this garbage can has. From its stainless steel structure to steel pedals, you will be confident of longevity.

This 15-gallon trash container also comes with a revolutionary liner pocket, allowing you to store up to 20 packs. Usually, the liners are customized, and fitting will barely be a hassle. With this, your trash experience will be not only convenient but also relatively straightforward and time-saving.

The lid on this trash can of 15 gallons will always close silently. Thanks to the strong internal hinges, you will hardly have to worry about banging noise. While at it, this item relies on Shox technology to control its motion at all times.

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3. Best Fireproof – Rubbermaid 15 Gallon Trash Can with Round Top

15 gallon stainless steel


  • Easily accessible and ergonomic design
  • It is fireproof and corrosion resistant
  • Enhanced durability
  • Can cost a fortune


Are you looking for a fireproof trash can? Here is the ultimate choice. Typically, this product boasts of being a fire-resistant, self-extinguishing can. That means it will remain functional in some of the hottest parts of the house. Whether you are using it outdoors or indoors, the effect will be the same.

You will appreciate its non-corrosive base ring. This ring comes in handy in protecting the floor yet enhances its grip. Further, it has a durable plastic liner and can secure the trash bag without too much struggle.

It is almost impossible to overstate how impressive its design is. From its stainless steel fingerprint-proof finish, you can tell it is an elegant choice. It also comes with a dome-shaped top that allows you to dispose of your waste seamlessly.

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4. Best with Dual Compartment – Simplehuman 15 Gallon Rectangular Kitchen Trash Can for Recycling

15 gallon double compartment garbage can for home


  • Comes with a fingerprint-proof finish
  • Suitable for recycling
  • Dual compartment for recycling
  • Might be too pricy for some people

This product boasts of a myriad of features, allowing you to enjoy unmatched convenience in the long run.

The unique design of this product gives you access to an eco-friendly dual compartment. This duality is vital for those that want seamless recycling, as you can use one side for disposal and the other for trash. This way, saving the environment will be a walk in the park.

Additionally, the stainless steel liner rim on this product is worth lauding. Usually, it will readily slip, allowing you to change the trash bag without too much hassle. Besides, it will ensure that the bags are not in plain sight. It also features the code H custom fit liners, ensuring that you have a cleaner garbage experience.

It will be unfair not to mention its wide steel pedal. This pedal allows you to open the trash can without necessarily touching it. Nothing could redefine your trash experience more than this.

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5. Best for Outdoor – Rubbermaid 15 Gallon Metal Trash Can with Round Top

Rubbermaid garbage can for indoor


  • Enhanced sturdiness and longevity
  • Its top can include a swing lid
  • Does not get discolored under severe UV light
  • Has a firm grip on the surface, assuring you of enough stability
  • A little too pricey for some people

You can hardly overlook the popularity that this product currently enjoys. One of its highlights is the robust construction it has. Usually, it comes with durable plastic that will readily resist cracking. This sturdiness is a recipe for enhanced longevity. However, that does not mean that the plastic is not lightweight.

Its textured finish will get you smitten. This layer is suitable for those that need protection against scratches and cracks. As if that is not enough, it prides itself on a UV stabilizer that protects it from discoloration.

This product prides itself on a classy design, allowing it to be used indoors and outdoors. It is relatively sleek, and it barely takes up much space. However, it will comfortably accommodate up to 25 gallons of garbage.

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6. Best for Commercial Places – Simplehuman 15 Gallon Semi-Round Open Top Trash Can

15 gallon open top trash can for office


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Comes with a significantly large capacity
  • Impressive warranty
  • Does not come with an inner plastic lining

From its impressive design to its longevity, this trash can is a gem. Its large capacity makes it ideal for both commercial and residential properties.

It is no secret that the ergonomic design this trash can has is worth lauding. This semi-round shape comes in handy in saving space and is also placed against the wall. You will also appreciate how appealing it might be. Additionally, it has side handles that enhance convenience. These handles help you to transport the can without any challenges.

It’s custom-fit liners play a critical role in redefining your trash experience. These liners help ensure the trash bags are secure and always in place. They also ensure that you have a much cleaner trash experience at the end of the day.

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7. Best with Wicker Look – Superio 15 Gallon Plastic Trash Can for Kitchen

15 gallon plastic garbage can


  • Comes with a large capacity
  • It is fairly affordable for most people
  • Can seamlessly match your interior décor
  • It is sturdy and is likely to last for long
  • Comes in only one color


As long as you are looking for affordability, this trash can will serve its purpose. Usually, it costs about $45, which is relatively affordable for most people.

Typically, it reflects a wicker design, which plays a critical role in improving your interior décor in the long run.

This product assures you of relatively robust construction. While it is made from plastic, there is no reason to doubt how sturdy it can be. The plastic used is durable, and it assures you of value for money. You will also appreciate how lightweight it can be.

There is no denying that the large capacity featured by this product is vital. It makes it suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

One surprising aspect of this trash can is the matching set it highlights. You will get a matching toothbrush, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and laundry hampers. You can also consider matching step stools.

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How to Choose a 15 Gallon Trash Can?

15 gallon stainless steel trash can for commercial use

Did you know that you need to be careful when selecting a 15-gallon trash can? Unless you understand what to focus on, making a logical decision will be a hassle. Usually, you will have to pay attention to the following elements during this pursuit.

1. Material

Take the time to understand the material used in making your chosen 15-gallon trash can. Usually, you will have to go for something that provides you with both reliability and longevity. In this light, premium materials will always suffice. Most of these containers can be wooden, steel, plastic, or metal.

Metal Trash Can

These are 15-gallon trash cans made from metallic objects. It could be stainless steel, aluminum, or steel. Usually, each metal provides you with different experiences. You will also appreciate the longevity and the finish on stainless steel, which has become relatively popular.

Galvanized Trash Can

Galvanized 15 gallon trash cans are steel garbage containers containing a layer of protective zinc on them. With this, you will be confident of lesser susceptibility to corrosion.

Plastic Trash Can

These are garbage containers made from a plastic material. They enjoy enhanced robustness and flexibility. Ideally, you will be free to use such materials both indoors and outdoors.

2. Design

Nothing could define convenience more than the design you choose. It will always be valuable for you to aim at an impressive setup at all times—one that highlights elegance. Typically, a 15 gallon trash can that matches your interior décor will often be more suitable for you.

You will also need to be sure how ergonomic the design is. It will be best to pick a product that is not only lightweight but also relatively portable. This way, you will have an easy time moving around with it.

Does this 15-gallon trash container fit in your space? From its shape to its volume, ensure that the chosen trash can comfortably fits your space. As such, it will not get in your way when moving around.

3. Pricing

Today, everyone focuses on their budget at all times. It is no different for you or when looking for a trash can. Invest your effort and time in comparing the prices of various 15-gallon trash cans. Remember, the costs will often vary with the brand and the seller. For instance, reputable brands are likely to cost more than less known ones.

While the price of your choice is critical in cushioning you against financial woes, its quality suffices. That means you do not have to focus on a cheap option necessarily. Instead, go for something that provides you with value for money.

4. Technology

There is no denying that technology will always define the level of convenience you get. For instance, some trash containers come with motion sensors. That means you do not have to worry about opening the lid or even pets opening the trash can.

Also, some technologies ensure that the lid closes relatively silently. This way, you are sure of unrivaled convenience and peace of mind. Ideally, ensure that you opt for a device that prides itself on seamless technology.

5. Ease of Handling

Aim at a trash can that allows you to access and operate it without too much hassle. In most cases, a 15 gallon trash container with rollers, wheels, and handles. It will also be a lot easier to handle trash cans with vents and removable tops.

And does it have dual compartments? If it does, you are sure to separate trash from recyclable items easily. You will also appreciate how eco-friendly such a feature tends to be.


13 Gallon Trash can vs. 15 Gallon Trash Can – Which is Better for Kitchen?

15 gallon garbage bin with liners

It is no secret that you will have to find the right size for your kitchen trash can. The choice will often be between 13 gallon trash can and 15 gallon garbage can, but deciding between them is hard. Usually, the choice will depend on your needs and budget. The trash bag will also influence the trash can you get.

First, it would be best for you to check the size of your trash bags. For instance, if you have 13-gallon trash bags, it would be best to consider a 13 gallon trash can. The same would happen if you had a 15-gallon trash bag.

You will also have to pay attention to the amount of trash you have to discard. As long as it is way too much for a 13-gallon trash container can handle, a 15-gallon trash can will be best.

You will also need to pay attention to the budget you have at hand. Most often, 15-gallon trash cans will cost you much more. Typically, the larger the capacity, the more you are likely to spend in the long run.

If you were to choose between these two for your kitchen, the best choice would be a 15 gallon trash can. It will comfortably accommodate the everyday trash or garbage in the kitchen. It will also cushion you against wastage of money in the long run.



In conclusion, 15-gallon trash cans have become relatively popular in the recent past. With the right choice, you will be good to go. Thankfully, the insights above will guide you accordingly.

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