Best 13 Gallon White Trash Can in 2022 – Blend with Your Interior Design

The 13-gallon white trash can is one of the best-sized trash can suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes. Most are designed to perfectly fit into the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, or office.

Besides, the white trash cans always add an aesthetic value to the room, and when they are fitted in the right place, they are entirely unnoticeable inside the room. Below are some of the best 13 gallon white trash can with their detailed features.

an introduction image of 13 gallon trash can

Best 13 gallon white trash can – Top 5 on the market


Reviews of 5 best 13-gallon white trash bins

1. Best for kitchen – Umbra 13 gallon garbage can with a locking lid



  • Easy to use
  • Satin finish
  • Concealed bag
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use


  • No non-slip function

Umbra 13-gallon garbage can is made from durable polypropylene material and features a satin finish that is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. The trash can features inner ring retention and a concealable top to prevent the garbage from overhanging and keep the trash can to look neat and clean.

The trash bin also features a stainless steel foot pedal that opens the lid quickly and effortlessly when you want to dump the garbage. Using the stainless pedal keeps you free from contacting the germs and getting your clothes dirty. It is ideal for your kitchen and office because of its soft lid, making it close quietly.

Umbra white trash can is designed to hold up to all brands of standard 13-gallon garbage bags; hence, you don’t need to take out the trash every time.

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2. Best for indoor – Rubbermaid white touch top lid trash can with 13-gallon capacity



  • Convenient and easy to use 
  • Seamless and intellegent design
  • Liner lock bag 
  • Fit in all kinds of places


  • The lid is not removable

Rubbermaid trash can is one of the best trash cans that features a liner lock technology bag, which wires securely in place with the rim of the can. This function prevents the bag from slipping inside and makes it easier to remove when the can is full.

The trash bin has a dimension of 15.4 inches by 17.6 by 24.8 inches offering a large capacity of 13-gallons for convenience and to reduce the trips of emptying the trash and economical on trash bags. Therefore, it is recommendable for personal and commercial use.

Rubbermaid indoor trash can is made from a resin material, making it durable and easy to clean it by using a wet cloth; besides, the trash can is white to completely match with the interior decoration.

There is also a pedal designed with an innovative mechanism to let the can lid open foot-free without holding the pedal down. Furthermore, the top lid is opened by one touch because the lid is hinged by a spring that allows you to open the lid quickly and efficiently when disposing of the garbage.

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3. Best with odor filter system – iTouchless 13 gallon white motion sensor trash bin



  • 100% touch-free
  • Odor control
  • Fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant
  • Elegent and modern look


  • Adapter sold separately

iTouchless is among the best trash cans available in the market, with dense features that make it healthier and safer to use. Firstly, it has the absorbX filters on its surface to absorb volatile organic compounds to stop the trash can odors; thus, you can enjoy breathing the fresh in your house. Besides, the trash can features a sensor that allows you to open the lid by the motion of your hand.

Its body is made of stainless fingerprint-proof steel that is aesthetic, smudge-resistant, and easy to clean. Therefore, it will reduce the risk of contracting germs and bacteria.

iTouchless white metal trash can offers a large capacity of 13 gallons that hold even bulky trash. Moreover, it features an air vent in the base to create efficient airflow to prevent a vacuum for easy removal of the trash bag.

Its reflex technology allows the lid to reopen when your hand is inside the trash can. Operating the iTouchless trash can is easy and effortless because you can decide to operate it with four size AII batteries or use AC Adapter.

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4. Best with slide-lock – Simplehuman semi-round plastic trash can for kitchen



  • Lid with Shox technology
  • Slide lock
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Semi-round shape
  • Wall bumper


  • Inner bin is not removable

Simplehuman is designed with a flat back surface, which makes it ideal for placing against the walls and minimizing space. It has a wall bumper to prevent the can from breaking when it falls off the ground and keeps the lid off from scratching the wall.

The trash offers 13 gallons of space, making it ideal for commercial or indoor use. It has a strong and durable liner inside the trash can to keep the trash clean.

Besides, you don’t need to open the lid while trashing because it features a long-lasting stepping in steel pedal to open the lid with your feet. The slide lock ensures the lid shut and the trash can safe against curious pets and children.

Furthermore, the lid is patented with Shox technology to control the lid’s motion to close in slowly and quietly. The materials are used to make Simplehuman trash bins solid engineered to withstand the harsh environment is backed up with a 5-year warranty.

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5. Best with rectangular shape – Kohler white metal 13-gallon step garbage bin



  • Fingerprint proof finish stays cleaner longer
  • Hand-free operation
  • Raised liner and locking rim for easy bag changes
  • Quiet close lid


  • Cannot be cleaned with cleaners or abrasives

Kohler 13-gallon white trash can is rectangular designed with clean lines and flush features that allow it to be placed right against the wall cabinet and save on space. Its body is made from stainless steel with a  fingerprint-proof finish which allows it to stay clean for longer.

Therefore, if you want to clean it, use a damp microfiber cloth and use isopropyl to remove sticker adhesives, but do not use cleaners or abrasive.

Operating Kohler 13-gallon trash bin is hand-free because it features a durable metal foot pedal for opening the lid while trashing or recycling garbage. When you are done, the lid closes gently and silently.

Kohler white garbage can is designed to fit any brand of 13-gallon trash bags, making it economical and recommendable for commercial or personal use. It also has a dual plastic liner for you to remove the trash easily and for easy cleaning. There is a raised liner and locking rim for you to change the bag quickly and effortlessly.

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How to pick the best 13 gallon white garbage bin?

When considering investing in the best 13-gallon white trash can, many factors contribute to its efficiency and versatility; thus, it is essential to consider the following features for you to enjoy every dime spent on it.

1. Material

The material will determine the quality of the 13-gallon white trash can. Try to choose the trash bins made from materials that are flexible to fit for outdoor use and even withstand harsh weather conditions.

So it is good to check on specifications about the material used to make the white trash can to avoid getting inconvenienced in the future out of blues. For instance, trash cans made of stainless steel or coated with other elements are durable, fingerprint-proof, long-lasting, and withstand harsh UV rays.

On the other hand, the trash bins made from plastic are cheap and lightweight, therefore, you can choose a 13-gallon plastic trash can for your home.

2. Odor control

Choose a 13-gallon white garbage can that has been featured with a mechanism or technology to eliminate or prevent the trash can from releasing foul odor. This is essential because it will feel uneasy being in an inconveniencing environment. Besides, odor also causes illness.

Best with odor control – Janibell 13-gallon commercial garbage bin

white 13 gallon garbage bin with odor control

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3. Removable liner

Most of the 13-gallon white trash bins have an inner liner that is removable or replaceable. This is to make the removal or cleaning of the trash can easier. Besides, considering a removable liner also play an essential role in controlling odor from the trash can.

4.  Design

This feature is mostly not prioritized because people haven’t learned that the design of your trash can also add an aesthetic value to the room.

Therefore, it is good to consider picking a white trash can that will completely blend with your room or office as an interior decoration to create uniformity and neatness in your surroundings.

Best stylish – Function Home country style wooden garbage can in white

Function Home white 13 gallon trash can

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5. Mode of operation

It is good to consider choosing a 13-gallon white trash bin that you can easily and effortlessly operate.

There are 13-gallon trash cans with foot pedals at the bottom where you insert your feet and presses it down to either open or close the lid, while others have got sensors at the top of the lid whereby you can open or close the lid by waving your hand on top of the lid.

Besides, some of the bins have lids which are hinged to allow opening or closing the lid by a single touch of the lid because of double action technology.

Therefore, it upon you to choose a garbage can that will be easy to operate even your kid can operate it safely without contracting bacteria or germs.

6. Slide lock

This is also another factor that should be considered before finding a 13-gallon white garbage can that will satisfy your need.

Picking a trash can that has a slide lock to keep the lid closed all the time when not in use will help to keep off the curious pets and children out of reach to avoid them getting inside the trash can.


What brand of 13-gallon white trash bin should I choose?

Above, we have introduced the Top 5 13 gallon white trash cans which belong to different well-known brands. The features of them help you make a better choice, each of which we will briefly describe below.

1. Kohler

Kohler 13-gallon white trash cans are mostly made of high-quality stainless, fingerprint-proof steel material. They also feature durable step pedals that allow you to operate the trash cans easily without contracting germs and bacteria, and the lid is quiet when closing.

2. Simplehuman

Simplehuman white trash bins with 13-gallon capacity are mostly uniquely designed with flat backs that add an aesthetic value to your room. They are ideal to be placed on the wall and have step pedals for easy operation and health-friendly to their user.

Besides, the Simplehuman white trash bin’s lids are patented with Shox technology to open and close gently and quietly. Furthermore, the trash cans are compatible with many types of 13-gallon trash bags.

3. Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid 13-gallon white trash cans are one of the best 13-gallon trash cans that features liner lock technology bags, which wire securely in place with the rim of the cans to prevent the bag from slipping inside and easy to remove when the can is full.

Besides, they offer a foot-free operation system with dual-action lids that swing in or lifts by one touch because of the hinges for easy operation while trashing or recycling litters.

4. iTouchless

iTouchless 13-gallon garbage cans in white are one of the best available in the market, featuring 100% sensor lids, which are opened by your arms’ motion and are easily operated by either 4 AII batteries or AC Adapters.

iTouchless metal white trash cans are made from a high-quality stainless, fingerprint-proof steel that is easy to clean and blends with the interior decoration. Furthermore, they also feature absorbX filter on the upper part for controlling odor.


What are the types of 13 gallon white garbage can?

As with other trash cans, the types of 13 gallon white garbage bin vary from step-on, touch top, and motion sensor.

1. Step-on trash can

This type of trash can is operated by the pedal located at the bottom of the trash can, allowing you to insert one of your feet inside and press down the pedal to open and close the lid while trashing without touching the lid. Thus, keeping you free from germs and bacterial infections.

Best step-on garbage bin – Simplehuman semi-round plastic trash can for kitchen

simplehuman white garbage can with 13 gallon capacity

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2. Touch top trash bin

Touch top is a type of trash cans which is foot-free operated because it features a hinged door that is dual-action design. It is lifted freely by merely touching the lid to open and close when recycling the garbage.

3. Sensor garbage can

This type of garbage can is operated automatically because the lid has a motion sensor for opening and closing when your hands over the lid. Besides, it is functional by using an AC adapter, or you can AII Batteries.

4. Pop up trash can

Pop up 13-gallon white trash cans are widely used for outdoor due to their portability and flexibility. If your house is not big enough, it is strongly suggested that you select collapsible garbage cans to save your space.



This article has provided details that will help you have a basic knowledge about the best 13 gallon white trash can; hence, whenever you decide to purchase a trash can, you can purchase one of the reviewed products.