Best 12 Gallon Garbage Can in 2022 – Detailed Instruction for You

From unrivaled cleanliness to safety to maintaining cleanliness, you can barely overlook the urgency of having garbage cans. With a 12 gallon garbage can, you will enjoy a tidy environment whether it is a residential or commercial property. Thankfully, we have selected the best 12 gallon garbage can as follows. Read on and find your favorite.


The Best 12 Gallon Garbage Can – Top 6 on the Market


12 Gallon Trash Can – Top 6 Reviews

1. Best Slim – Simplehuman 12 Gallon Trash Can with Foot Pedal



  • Its robust construction assures you of enhanced longevity
  • Will comfortably fit tight spaces resists smudges
  • Slim design to fit your corners
  • Kind of pricy

From its impeccable design to its elegance, you will readily get smitten by Simplehuman step garbage can with 12 gallon capacity. This garbage can comes with a relatively slim design, making it suitable for tight spaces. With this, you will find it useful in homes with limited space.

This 12-gallon trash can boasts of an outstanding, robust construction. Thanks to the stainless steel material used to make it, you will be confident of unmatched longevity and reliability. While at it, it comes with a fingerprint-proof finish, meaning you do not have to worry about smudges.

You can hardly overlook the customized fit liners on this 12 gallon garbage can. Its liners are vital for those that need an enhanced trash experience. Usually, you will access and appreciate the liner rim on this trash can. It comes in handy in hiding and securing the liners on the trash can.

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2. Best Wide – Rubbermaid 12 Gallon Trash Can for Commercial Use



  • Unrivaled longevity
  • Comes with a convenient pedal
  • Protects your wall against damage
  • No noise when closing lid
  • Takes up much space


Rubbermaid 12 gallon garbage bin in handy for those that need a reasonably wide design. With enough space in your commercial property or home, you will have no regrets purchasing this adorable gem. Its rich features will get you smitten too.

Usually, it comes with a relatively less noisy lid. Whether you are closing or opening, the internal hinges are strong enough to cushion you against noise, scratching, and bumping into the wall. Thanks to the protected hinge design, there will be no reason for you to worry. Nothing could assure you of more value for money than this!

You will also appreciate its convenient foot pedal. The design of this pedal allows you to have an easier time when disposing of your waste. You will hardly have to touch the can.

Its puncture-resistant resin construction is the epitome of elegance and sturdiness. Rubbermaid 12 gallon step trash can also comes in handy when in commercial or health management facilities.

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3. Best Semi-Round – Simplehuman 12 Gallon Stainless Steel Step Trash Can



  • Enhanced durability and a robust construction
  • Guarantees you a seamless trash experience
  • Closing the lid is relatively smooth and silent
  • A little pricy


Here is yet another reliable 12 gallon trash can that prides itself on enhanced capacity. If you are looking for longevity, this is your ultimate choice. Usually, this trash can in 12 gallons assures you of impressive engineering and premium materials, benefiting you with robust construction. Stainless steel materials used on this can are barely vulnerable to different environmental elements.

The code J custom fit liners on this trash can are outstanding. They do not only fit perfectly on the can but also assure you of a much cleaner trash experience. What is more, it comes with a complete steel pedal that makes it easier for you to use the can.

You will also appreciate the patented Shox technology, which assures you of a relatively silent lid. As if that is not enough, there is an internal hinge that cushions this lid from scratching or bumping the wall.

You can hardly overlook the elegance highlighted by this trash can. Besides the stainless steel construction, this container boasts of a fingerprint-proof finish. That means there are no more streaks on the can.

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4. Best Brushed finished – Home Zone Living 12 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can


  • No need to worry about smudges on it
  • Assures you of a seamless trash experience
  • Silent motion
  • Can be less affordable for some people


Are you looking for a brushed finish? This option is all you could ever want. Its brushed finish means that you will readily enjoy a can without smudges. Its fingerprint-proof capabilities are out of this world. Besides having a brushed finish, this product boasts of stainless steel construction, assuring you the robustness you need.

What’s more, its design makes it more accessible. Its collard ring frame means you have enough space to remove liners, making the whole experience worth it. Further, you have a step pedal that makes it easier to operate the can.

The 12 gallon garbage bin comes with reinforced hinge controls, ensuring that the lid closes reasonably softly and securely. The silent motion is all you need for unrivaled peace of mind and a seamless trash experience.

You can hardly overlook its bag tuck band, as it defines how you secure your bag. Usually, this element means you can place your bag there without tying it down.

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5. Best Matte Finished – Umbra 12-Gallon Kitchen Trash Can with Swing Top



  • Fairly affordable
  • Non-slip feet
  • Can fit in small spaces
  • Some might not like the plastic construction


This product highlights not only modernity but also a sense of elegance, as it features impressive curves and a matte finish. Thanks to its unique shape and design, you will readily fall in love with how this trash can fits in small spaces.

As if that is not enough, its anti-slip feet will ensure there is minimal footprint at the end of the day. Nothing could assure you of more stability than this.

Using this 12 gallon plastic trash can is relatively straightforward. With the swing-top lid, all you have to is touch one side, and the can opens. What’s more, it will comfortably conceal the garbage bags at any time.

The material used on this product is plastic, which is relatively long-lasting. You will also appreciate how non-toxic it can be.

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6. Best Automatic – Ninestars 12 Gallon Garbage Can with Motion Sensor


  • Unmatched technology
  • It comes with a touch-free motion sensor
  • Assures you of convenience
  • Could be hard for some people to use it

Here is the ultimate choice for those who want 12 gallon trash cans with tap sensors. These sensors play a significant role in providing you with the convenience and flexibility you deserve. Usually, you will appreciate how easy they make the process for you.

This product features top-quality materials, highlighting robustness and longevity. Usually, it has an infrared motion sensor that prevents moisture from damaging the unit. This sensor is water-resistant, and it will be ideal for maintaining cleanliness.

There is no denying that this 12 gallon sensor garbage can epitomizes advanced technology. Its delay-sensing technology means you do not have to worry about battery preservation and pets opening it. It also ensures that the lid closes softly.

You will also appreciate its odor elimination abilities. This feature ensures that there is barely any cross-contamination of germs too.

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How to Pick the Best 12 Gallon Garbage Can?

12 gallon garbage can for indoor

The 12 gallon garbage can is a little bit smaller than the 13 gallon trash can. However, there is no denying that an excellent 12 gallon trash container has enough capacity to fit your different sites and multiple options at your disposal. Without paying attention, you could readily end up disappointed. For this reason, take the time to understand what you need and go for it.

Here are a few elements you will want to focus on during this time.

1. Price

It is no secret that everyone will always be cautious of the budget they have. Most often, you will want to compare the different prices attached to various trash cans before you settle on one.

Take the time to find a product that does not cost you a fortune, as this will cushion you against significant financial woes in the long run. Usually, you will get the right product at the cost of between $30 and $100. It will all depend on what budget you have at hand.

2. Material

Top-quality materials will always assure you of unrivaled longevity and even reliability. Usually, it will be best for you to understand what each material brings to the table.

For instance, you could settle on stainless steel, as it assures you of robustness and longevity. You will also appreciate how elegant this material tends to be. On the other hand, you could go for plastic material if you are on a budget.

While at it, check the type of finish that the trash can has. In most cases, you will have to choose from painted, matte, and shiny stainless steel. The latter is often fingerprint-proof, cushioning you against smudges. Matte is reasonably attractive too. Choose whichever pleases you the most.

3. Confirm the Design

Take the time to understand the design of your trash can and how it can affect you. That will often depend on the available space you have. If you have limited space, it will be best to focus on a product that does not take up as much space. On the other hand, a broader option will be suitable for homes or commercial properties that boast of enough space. Your choice should be dependent on the size of your sites.


Where Can I Use a 12 Gallon Garbage Bin?

Understanding where you can use your 12 gallon trash can will ensure that you make logical decisions in the long run. Usually, there will barely be any straightforward answer to this, as everything depends on how much trash you collect daily. However, you can use this can in your home, health management facility, or commercial spaces.

1. Kitchen

The best place for you to place your 12-gallon trash can in your home will often be the kitchen. Whether you put them in a cabinet or a specific secluded spot, you will be good to go. It will be the best place to store all the garbage you collect while using the kitchen.

2. Public

You could also use these trash cans in health management facilities. Whether it is a hospital, gymnasium, laboratory, or spa, these containers will come in handy for you. You can put here any waste you get from the facility. However, try to separate organic from inorganic waste at this time because this trash container plays a critical role in minimizing the spread of contagious infections from one person to another.

Best for Recycling – Simplehuman 12.2 Gallon Rectangular Dual Compartment Step Trash Can

simplehuman 12.2 gallon stainless steel trash can

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3. Commercial Places

You can hardly overlook the urgency of using 12 gallon trash cans in commercial spaces. Whether it is an office, institution, or a factory, the use is likely to be the same. This trash can plays a significant role in cushioning you against health issues, as it enhances safety and hygiene.


Why Do You Need a Stainless Steel 12 Gallon Trash Can in the Kitchen?

You can barely ignore how important trash cans are in the kitchen. Whether you are looking forward to improving your health or hygiene conditions, this will be the ultimate device for you. Things can only get better if it is stainless steel. Most often, it assures you of various benefits in the kitchen, including the following.

1. Reduction of Odor

It is no secret that having garbage in your kitchen can expose you to a pungent smell from time to time. Nothing could be more discomforting than this! In most cases, the garbage cans come with lids that will ensure the scent remains within. This way, you stay confident about having a comfortable room in the long run.

2. Maintain Hygiene

Having a stainless steel 12 gallon trash can allows you to enjoy better hygiene levels. Typically, you will not have to worry about where to place kitchen waste. Whichever garbage you have, this will be the right place for you to put it.



In conclusion, having a reliable 12 gallon garbage can in your home or office is one of the boldest and wisest moves you could ever make. As long as you get a product that meets all your needs, there will be no reason to worry. However, ensure that you understand what you want before you can make any step. The insights above will be an excellent stepping stone!

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